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Introducing the main parts of the LED panel lights

Introducing the main parts of the LED panel lights

The following information is about the main parts of the LED panel light. Consumers who do not have detailed understanding about them could read this article carefully.

The panel light aluminum frame

This part is the main cooling channel for LED panel light from www.fullwell-led.com . The appearance of this LED panel light is simple and elegant. The outside shell use die stamping mold with lower costs and processing costs are also very low. The die-cast aluminum frame has a little bit higher IP rating and surface texture but the totally cost is higher than the former choice.

LED lighting source

Generally speaking, the bulb for the LED panel light is the type of 3528, 3014 and 5050. 3014 and 5050 are all low cost choice but with slightly worse lighting effects. The 3528 has high luminous efficiency but the price is high.

LED light guide plate

The light guide plate is the key point of the LED panel light quality control. If the network design of the plate is not good, the whole light effect will be in the poor situation. The bad effects usually occur in the middle good light and bad lighting effect on both sides. The best way to improve the efficiency of light guide plate should be depended mainly on network design and then followed by the quality of the plate material. The LED panel light 18W round of other panel lights products from www.fullwell-led.com all use the high quality materials that could better meet with clients¡¯ need.

LED diffusion plate

The other crucial part of the LED panel light is the light guide plate which could reflect the light from the LED light guide plate very uniformly but also could play the role of fuzzy outlet. The material for the diffusion plate is commonly the 2.0 acrylic plate or PC sheet material. The other choice is the PS material which owns slightly bad effect. Acrylic material has low cost but light transmittance higher than the PC. However, the disadvantage of acrylic material should be weak anti-brittle and anti-aging properties. The price for PC is slightly expensive but this kind of material has good anti-aging properties. Generally speaking, the acrylic light transmittance rate is 92%. The PC is 88% and PS is probably 80%.

Reflective paper

This part into the panel light such as Surface mounted panel light 18W could help to reflect off the back corner of the light from the guide plate to improve the lighting efficiency.

The rear cover

The main role of this part in the panel light is to seal LED panel light and the commonly material for this part is the 1060 aluminum. On the other hand, this part could also play the role of little cooling effect.


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