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Introducing the newly launched website for Jazz and Riffs Hardware Collection for online buying

Introducing the newly launched website for Jazz and Riffs Hardware Collection for online buying

The Jazz and Riffs Hardware Collection company is launching a new website for facilitating its buyers to shop for their products online. The website URL is as follows, . The company sells high end decorative hardware for using in cabinetry for residential homes or commercial buildings.

When asked by our reporters about the origin of the unique name of this company, the people at Jazz and Riffs revealed that, this name was inspired by rich tones of jazz music and spicy Latin Riffs. To best describe their work and their products, we must add that they mainly use recycled and layered glass sparkles and shines with shades of clear and pure colors. The designer look that they aim to achieve is – simple yet moving and harmonizing but also as something that is composed. Their products can be used to add a bit of jewelry like sparkle to the interior designing projects for modern living spaces.

Their unique hardware line was fundamentally created for Hospitality Interiors, but also forms a perfect match for high end residential spaces, cabinets and doors in posh restaurants, as furniture hardware, in spas, hotels, commercial places etc. One can expect each of the hardware pieces to be unique in design as they have an Artisan nature and are processed in a unique handmade technique. If you want to get a green and eco-friendly product for your home, that are built from recycled and highly sustainable materials, with customizable colors that are handmade in USA, the Jazz and Riffs new website can help you find such items. They use in their products layers of recycled glass that are fused together and then bonded to a sustainable metal for a highly sleek designer look and function.

About the company:

The founder of Jazz and Riffs Hardware Collection is Alexa Milton. Alexa has a degree in interior design from the Cornish College of Arts in Seattle, Washington. Her total experience in the field of interior design is of more than 30 years, and she uses this long learned expertise to come with highly chic and modern designs.

Although primarily she worked in hospitality interior projects and in exterior building colors and materials selection, her latest focus is centered on working with her client to create a unique and exciting look for and feel for their interiors. She aims to achieve a unique interior design theme and concept that sets apart each home and gives it a unique identity.

Contact information:
Alexa Milton
Phone: 844.628.9588
Issaquah, WA

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