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Introducing two hot selling cheap canvas prints from

Introducing two hot selling cheap canvas prints from

China – The first hot selling wholesale canvas print of is the piper juvenile of famous oil painting artist Manet who created the original masterpiece at 1866. Now, this painting is stored at the Orsay Museum in Paris.

This painting describes the portrait of boy piper in the guard team. Painter explored the unified shape and color and notes the personalities and characteristics portraying at the same time. In pursuit of color, Manet chased the stable color without change and then suddenly turns to the dark part. After this kind of dealing, the character in this oil painting would be placed in a light gray and almost flat painted background. There are no shadow, eye level and contour lines in this oil painting and it was painted by the level of the minimum blocks and the three-dimensional sense was totally denied. Daumier said that this oil painting just like a flat playing cards.

The second hot selling masterpiece is the canvas prints for wholesale Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going?¡± that painted by Paul Gauguin France at 1897. Now, the original work of this oil painting is collected by the world famous Boston Museum.

This is a large-scale oil paintings with full of philosophical contents. According to the introduction of artist from , this work was done by Paul Gauguin with the greatest enthusiasm because Paul Gauguin had just get rid of the most sadly life stage before the creating of this work. He integrated the dream and fantasy of his life in Tahiti into this painting and named this oil painting into ¡°Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going?¡± In summary, this oil painting is really the great masterpiece.

In this three-picture composition painting, from right to left, the painter arranged three protagonists who are baby, young fruit picker and old woman. These three characters turn to tell people the secret of live to death. Three characters represent the inevitable process of human life experience and it also proved that the painter¡¯s life was not was by non-sense things. The screen color of this oil painting is simple but rich with mystery. The graphic techniques make this masterpiece full of oriental decorative style and romantic feeling. In mottled gorgeous and dreamy picture, it shows with us painter¡¯s philosophical questioning to the meaning of life.


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