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Island Blocks & Pavers: Australia’s Eco-Friendly Building Materials Provider

Island Blocks & Pavers: Australia’s Eco-Friendly Building Materials Provider

Launceston, Australia; 23, January 2016: There is no denying bricks and pavers are useful for any house. They make a home’s exterior look attractive and increase the property’s value. For homeowners in Tasmania and the rest of Australia, there is one brand they turn to for their paving needs.

Island Block & Paving

Established in 1993, Island Blocks & Pavers has fast become Australia’s favourite manufacturers. They make a range of concrete masonry products that get used in Tasmania and the eastern states.

What products do Island Blocks & Pavers offer?

The company boasts a wide array of products:

* Bricks for residential and commercial projects;
* Concrete building blocks;
* Weed free paving systems;
* Patented retaining wall systems; and
* Landscape products.

Commitment to sustainability

Compared to their competitors, Island Block & Paving are unique in several respects. First of all, they align to ISO 9001:2008 international quality management standards. Another reason that makes them stand out is their commitment to sustainability.

They have a strong commitment to manufacturing unique, eco-friendly and sustainable products. Island Block & Paving offer a “Sustainable Products for the Future” range. Each product within the range gets made with up to 40% recycled glass. The material itself gets sourced from recycled glass bottles.

As one can imagine, those products offer many environmental benefits. For example, each sustainable product made uses less cement, reducing CO2 emissions.

Bricks for the Future

Island Block & Paving offers an exclusive range of bricks. Dubbed “Bricks for the Future”, they get recognised nationwide for their unique surface textures. They also boast a variety of inspirational modern colours and Global Green Tag certification.

The range gets manufactured exclusively by Island Block & Paving. Two styles are on offer: “Premium” and “Designer.”

Premium bricks are Global Green certified. They get made with recycled coloured glass aggregates. When laid, they offer a unique finish that glistens in the light!

Designer bricks are available in many contemporary colours and neutral blends. They get manufactured with natural sand aggregates.

Superior architectural blocks

Architects, builders and wider construction industry turn to Island Block & Paving. That’s because they offer a superior range of building block products. They are available in a variety of sizes, colours and surface finishes.

One can select from products to suit a range of applications such as:

* Residential, commercial and industrial buildings;
* Architectural feature walls;
* Retaining wall reinforcement; and
* Privacy walls;

Each block is available in a range of styles. Some are also part of the company’s sustainable product range.

About Island Block & Paving:

Tasmania and Australia’s leading manufacturer of building products. Founded in 1993, Island Block & Paving offer a vast range of brick and paving products. Their client base includes homeowners, construction firms and landscapers.

Island Block & Paving are also known for their collection of sustainable, eco-friendly bricks. Each boasts lower CO2 emissions during manufacturing. And many offer a unique yet durable finish.

For more information, contact:
Emily Thurlow
Island Blocks & Pavers
16525 Midlands Hwy
Tel: +61 (0)3 6398 2088

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