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Jacksonville Smile Center Augments with Many Dental Care Services

Jacksonville Smile Center Augments with Many Dental Care Services

Jacksonville Smile Center has provided cosmetic dental care to people in greater Jacksonville, FL for years. The clinic recently added Invisalign to its list of services, but maintains many others.

For the past several decades, cosmetic dentistry has become an increasingly more popular option available to people in Florida and around the country. Moreover, as such cosmetic treatment has become more available, so has it increasingly improved upon itself. Porcelain fillings have replaced the obvious and sometimes embarrassing gold fillings, and the largely invisible alternative to braces has replaced the unsightly and highly inconvenient traditional wire and cement braces. The Jacksonville Smile Center is known for utilizing advanced cosmetic treatments while also offering purely clinical assistance and lesser known cosmetic care services.

Along with providing veneers, bleaching, and other cosmetic dentistry, The Jacksonville Smile Center as seen at provides clinical dental care to its patients. The clinic provides high level operations such as root canal therapy and TMJ treatment. Dr. Rafal Marmur and his staff also offer much more simple and rudimentary treatments, such as filling cavities.

The Jacksonville-based dental office also provides patients with family dental care, as seen at . The team professionally handles adult dental care issues such as dentures and bonding while also treating children for concerns more common among young people, such as teeth straightening. Along with clinical treatment, the team at Jacksonville Smile Center happily advises both young and old patients about the best at-home oral hygiene.

Sedation therapy and other forms of anesthesia are important and fully integrated aspects of clinical dental treatment for the Jacksonville Smile Center, as seen at . Dr. Henry and his staff are experienced professionals in the area of anesthesia during dental operations. The office offers nitrous oxide, commonly referred to as laughing gas, as well as intravenously administered anesthesia.

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About Jacksonville Smile Center:

Jacksonville Smile Center is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and offers a number of services in the Jacksonville area including root canal therapy, dentures, cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry, and more. Jacksonville Smile Center is a cosmetically oriented family practice that sets themselves apart from other cosmetic dentistry practices by utilizing laser cavity detection, low radiation digital radiography, and more.

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Barbara Marmur
Jacksonville Smile Center
14054 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32250
(904) 821-8330

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