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Jacobsen Holdings, LLC Meets Homeowners’ Needs By Providing Unique Services

Jacobsen Holdings, LLC Meets Homeowners’ Needs By Providing Unique Services

Seattle, Washington – The Seattle area is now home to a company designed to flexibly meet the needs of homeowners looking to either buy a home, or sell their current home, regardless of its’ condition.

The group at Jacobsen Holdings, LLC is a company that was founded to help homeowners. The founders realized that a one size fits all approach to real estate is not what is best for customers, and they worked to design a unique firm that offers flexibility and a variety of services to their clients. The Jacobsen Holdings group is able to help homeowners with their real estate needs, no matter what they are.

Jacobsen Holdings, LLC offers a traditional real estate service, but they also offer customers much more. They realize that not all homes are currently in condition to receive the best possible selling price, so they work with a team of designers, stagers and contractors who all know how to make a home as beautiful as possible. The cost of repairs can often be a deterrent to sellers, and Jacobsen uses contractors that work with them to complete repairs in the most cost efficient way possible. In many cases, the cost of repairs can be figured into the closing agreement, which is a very rare option that clients do not often find.

Also included on staff is a team of designers who know how to stage a home to highlight its best features and make it as attractive as possible to potential buyers. By working with these designers and contractors, homes listed with Jacobsen can be sold very quickly.

If a homeowner is looking for an even faster option to selling their home, the team at Jacobsen Holdings, LLC will purchase a home from the owner, paying a fair market value, and in cash. This option is a very attractive one for many homeowners who do not have time to wait for the traditional cycle of listing, staging, showings and sale.

About Jacobsen Holdings, LLC

Jacobsen Holdings, LLC is a real estate group specializing in unique and flexible real estate transactions. Their specialties including listing, sales, staging, lending, and contracting to homeowners in the Seattle area.


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