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Jacobsen Holdings, LLC Meets the Needs of Homeowners in the Seattle Area

Jacobsen Holdings, LLC Meets the Needs of Homeowners in the Seattle Area

Seattle, Washington – Jacobsen Holdings, LLC is a full service real estate company with services designed to meet the needs of homeowners in the market to either buy or sell a home. The group of experts at Jacobsen offers more than just the traditional real estate services most companies have. They can list and sell your home but they also employ a team of experts in a variety of areas who work together to make sure that your home sells quickly and for the best price possible.

Customers who have used Jacobsen Holdings, LLC services rave about the professionalism, fairness and honesty of the firm. They report receiving excellent advice that has helped them to sell their homes with the assistance of their team of designers, stagers, and contractors. Jacobsen employs not only real estate agents, but also others who are well versed in the art of selling homes. The designers at Jacobsen Holdings know how to uncover the hidden beauty in your home that will make it as attractive as possible to potential buyers. Their team of contractors knows how to repair a home quickly and reasonably so that it is market ready. By working together, they live up to their motto “making neighborhoods beautiful, one house at a time”.

If you are looking to leave your home quickly, and do not have the time or means to update your home or wait for a sale, then Jacobsen Holdings, LLC has another option which is available. In many cases, the team at Jacobsen will purchase homes for cash so that homeowners can leave immediately. This presents homeowners with an excellent way to sell their home as quickly as possible.

Jacobsen’s customers have reported that their agents are fair and honest, two important qualities in a real estate group. Clients have said that the company keeps the client in mind, and strives to keep costs down by completing contracting at a discounted rate, and keeping listing fees to an absolute minimum.

About Jacobsen Holdings, LLC

Jacobsen Holdings, LLC is a real estate group which offers a variety of services to homeowners. In addition to its sales department, the Jacobsen team also serves Seattle homeowners by offering options for remodeling, staging, purchasing and lending.


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