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Jacobsen Holdings, LLC Offers Flexible Solutions For Buying and Selling Homes

Jacobsen Holdings, LLC Offers Flexible Solutions For Buying and Selling Homes

Seattle, Washington – Homeowners who are looking for a real estate firm that offers varied and flexible services now have a place to turn. Jacobsen Holdings, LLC is a full service real estate company which also provides clients with a variety of services helpful in both buying and selling homes.

The professional team at Jacobsen Holdings, LLC includes not only experts in listing, staging and selling homes, but also experts in repairing and restoring homes regardless of their condition. Jacobsen Holdings staffs realtors, and also designers and contractors who can get work together to get your home ready for the market. These contractors offer deep discounts to customers of Jacobsen Holdings so that getting your home ready to sell is not a deep financial burden. A unique advantage of selling your home with Jacobsen is that in many cases the cost of these repairs can be figured into closing costs, saving homeowners a great deal of money up front.

The Jacobsen Holdings group also employs some of the top designers in the area who specialize in staging homes for quick sale. These sought after designers know exactly how to highlight a home’s beauty so that it looks as attractive as possible to potential buyers, making the home sell as quickly as possible, and for top dollar. Clients are often shocked at the transformation their home undergoes when listing it with the Jacobsen Holdings, LLC team.

Jacobsen not only sells homes, but also purchases them. If homeowners do not have the luxury of waiting for their home to sell while it is on the market, or if they do not want to put money into repairs, then Jacobsen will buy your home in its current condition in many cases. Clients who have exercised this option have reported that they were offered a fair market value for their home, and that the transaction went off smoothly and without any hitches. This is a very enticing option for many homeowners looking to sell as quickly as possible.

About Jacobsen Holdings, LLC

Jacobsen Holdings, LLC is a unique real estate firm that specializes in many real estate services. In addition to sales, they also specialize in repairing, remodeling, purchasing and lending. They offer a variety of solutions to clients in the Seattle area.


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