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Janet Sandquist, Feng Shui Consultant Launches New Website

Janet Sandquist, Feng Shui Consultant Launches New Website

14, April 2016: Enhanced Feng Shui info and resources on include Online Resources, Testimonials, FAQs, Articles, and Videos.

The new website of Feng Shui expert consultant Janet Sanquist went live recently on the World Wide Web. FengShui 4Today.Com aims to extend the knowledge and expertise of her programs offerings by serving a broad audience of Feng Shui followers, professionals, and all people interested in basic principles and elements of Feng Shui.

FengShui 4Today.Com covers in detail, not just basic principles of Feng Shui, but is explains that for the ancient Chinese, the purpose of Feng Shui was to secure prosperity, many children, respect, and longevity for the client.

According to Janet, Feng Shui, as it relates to the home, influences the physical surroundings that affect how people behave, feel and think. “Feng Shui adjustments and remedies can ensure that energy in your life is balanced and flowing evenly, making sure that everything in your environment supports your good luck, health, relationships and prosperity,” said Janet, who believes virtually every aspect of people’s lives can be improved when these conditions are in proper order.

Feng Shui is about remedying unfavorable energy patterns and enhancing favorable ones, and results are often amazingly quick. These principles help to harmonize the energy in your home or office to support the life and work that you most desire.

As Feng Shui relates to the office environment, Sanquist noted there are some simple remedies that persons can implement in their offices that will help them to advance more rapidly in their careers, and create more peaceful work environments.

Speaking of land development, Janet said that regardless of scope or size, persons can benefit from Traditional Feng Shui procedures relative to when, where and what to build, plant, rearrange or move.

The new Feng Shui website also features a Blog that addresses the basics, elements, land, office, residential home, and Zodiac of Feng Shui. Persons who readily benefit from Feng Shui are those who wish to create and maintain a home or office environment that reflects balance.

“You may have specific areas of your life and business that you feel needs improvement, especially in career and relationships, and you’d be amazed how Feng Shui can help you effect and can increase the positive areas of your life and decrease or eliminate the stagnation or ‘Sha Chi’,” said Janet, the lead Feng Shui Consultant at Feng Shui 4 Today, and who has applied the principles of Feng Chui to every aspect of her personal and professional live.

Also incorporated into the site is a Feng Shui Resource center that is designed to help visitors balance their home, office or land with Feng Shui remedies and enhancements. Plus it recommends a variety of trusted resources for a variety of items persons may need. Other resources such as her Feng Shui Consultant colors of the year video can be found on YouTube.


Janet Sanquist, who is the lead Feng Shui Consultant at Feng Shui 4 Today, background has been Real Estate since 1986. Janet knew that prosperity starts with applying remedies to the land, then to the outside of the building, then the inside. She applied Feng Shui to all these areas outside and inside, and had enhancements put in. Her final years in real estate inspired Janet to become a full time Feng Shui consultant. Dedicating her time to this practice enables her to help more people have the same, positive and effective results in their life and business.

As a Certified Feng Shui Consultant, Janet studied and working through a curriculum of many classes and books, the Certification Process was approximately two years with Suzee Miller at Feng Shui Paradigms. Additionally she attended a 10 day program in Thailand with Masters David Twicken and Mantak Chia in Chiang Mai. This particular program focused on the dynamics of Feng Shui and elements as it pertained to one’s life.

Janet continues to learn from various Masters, but most especially David Twicken. For those persons who are ready to see the benefit of Feng Shui in your home, office or land, they can call Janet today for personal consultation to discover how the effectiveness of Feng Shui can enhance and balance their surroundings.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Janet Sanquist (Owner)
Company: Feng Shiu 4 Today
Phone: 760-304-4744

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