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Jennifer T launches its unique web-based platform for the iOS programmers

Jennifer T launches its unique web-based platform for the iOS programmers

New York City, USA; 12, September 2016: The invention of the Internet came as a boon for a great many creative individuals who were certain of not getting any financial support or loan from a bank or money-lending institution. The World Wide Web spawned the creation of umpteen websites that were hosted exclusively to endorse (financially that is) the creative ventures of talented people by beseeching the support of countless users around the world. Jennefier T is coming up with one such platform intended to make the life easy for every app-developer and facilitate to make a game in 5 minutes and launch the same on millions of iOS gadgets.

Yes, it sounds too good to be true but the reality is that platform will assist and continue to help make a game for iOS. The platform can guide an enthusiastic programmer or gamer in creating an app as well as help out with uploading the same on App Store by tapping into its 12 million strong community of backers. The promoter is presently using the Kickstarter platform to raise crowd funding the innovative platform. The proceeds would be used to further enhance the capabilities of this platform and develop it to be one of the strongest platforms of its kinds. Till date, kickstarter has endorsed 1, 11817 projects and nearly $2.6 billion of funds have been sourced since the portal was hosted in 2009. The instructions and guidelines pertaining to developing the app are straightforward and remarkably easy to understand.

In fact, the lessons related to make a game in 5 minutes are so simple that even a complete novice (who’s not at all computer or tech savvy) will be able to follow. Towards this end, someone with a workable knowledge of programming will certainly have it easier in understanding the stepwise instructions including the ones Xcode or Swift code. Programmers will find the course or program quite interesting and useful as the same is replete with video tutorials and concepts. The tutorial is suitable for all those who can’t find the time to attend a traditional course. The program can be done from anywhere in the world and followed even in an offline mode.

Anybody can pick up the nitty gritty of the course in order to make a game for iOS for which doesn’t mandatorily need to be a software developer or programmer but it helps. Now there are so many practical reasons why somebody should opt for this app development course when there are so many other parallel programs. The most plausible reason is that the program from the platform sets out to rectify or sets right the issues that people face with other similar courses. Most importantly, the subscriber can go through the lessons at any time of the day at his or her convenience.

About The Campaign:

Jennifer T, an iOS programmer has come up with an innovative platform that facilitates the iOS programmers to develop smart games in about 5 minutes. More complex games can also be create with ease by using this simplified platform. Currently he is using the to source crowd funding for this web-based platform.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Jennifer T (iOS programmer)

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