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Jiutong Industry Brings an Incredible Range of Pipe Fitting Parts & Piping Kits for Various Applications

Jiutong Industry Brings an Incredible Range of Pipe Fitting Parts & Piping Kits for Various Applications

Weifang, Shandong, China; 22, September 2015: Weifang Jiutong Industry and Trading Company has a large range of pipe fitting parts and piping kits made from copper and brass that can meet various application requirements when it comes to connecting pipes and establishing a piping network. Available in numerous designs, these piping parts can help create piping networks in a customized manner. “We have unions, elbow and coupling parts that allow joining different types of pipes in a desired manner,” the spokesperson of the company states.

According to him, all pipes and piping parts are made from high grade copper and brass and thus ensure a great durability. Besides, all products have been designed specifically to meet their specific purpose, helping to establish a stable piping network. The company has the air conditioning disperse pipe range, available in different series, including Mitsubishi series, Hitachi series, Haier series, Fujitsu series, Daikin series and others. According to the air conditioner brand and the piping requirement, one can purchase the pipe and can rest assured of the long-lasting durability of the pipe.

The company also offers copper tee fittings parts that include several components, such as Brass Distribute Connector, Half Unions, Flare Unions, Nuts, Elbow, and Return Bend etc. All these components are made from quality materials and feature a precise designing for an excellent fitting of the pipes and the network. These components are available in different sizes for anyone to accomplish the piping task in a customized manner.

The company spokesperson reveals that they have reduced the prices of the copper branch piping kit for all new and old customers. The tee-branch is available in a number of sizes so that one can use the piping kit to keep the branch size to the minimal, ensuring a stable flow of materials through the piping network. Jiutong Industry believes in bringing new piping parts that showcase a precise engineering. All products are durable, made of best quality materials and are available at the best prices. In order to check the products available with them, one may visit the website

About Weifang Jiutong Industry and Trading Co., Ltd:

Weifang Jiutong Industry and Trading Co., Ltd. invented and pioneered the copper fitting, which quickly established copper fittings as the global standard of the industry. Today, the company offers one of the most complete lines of copper fittings. All fittings are engineered and manufactured by the most experienced company in the business, and they are renowned for consistent quality and workmanship across the entire line. The company’s state of the art manufacturing ensures each fitting meets applicable standards and tolerances.

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