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Job Search in New York: The Art of NY Job Hunt

Job Search in New York: The Art of NY Job Hunt

Job Search in New York: The Art of NY Job Hunt

Millions of people dream of living and working in New York. But the job search in New York is super competitive and this process is always tough and complex.  For some this dream seems to be impossible while others try to do their best to make it come true. And certainly if you can make it in NY, you can make it anywhere. You need to have a clear plan of actions to make your job search in New York successful. Here are some tips and tricks one can use to land a job quickly and qualitatively. Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter who you are, what you are and what can you bring to the table – New York will definitely find how to exploit you for money.

Let’s consider some specific recommendations for job search in New York first. Get rid of stereotypes attached to typical New Yorker who is considered to be rude, cold and impatient. These people have to comply with the city rhythm but most of them are helpful and patient. Then, you are to get familiar and learn the subway system of New York. It is so complicated and confusing that at first sight toy may get lost. But when you figure it out New York public transportation system is wonderful and very convenient. In order to have more chances to get hired you should start with the small startups. These companies are eager to find employees, who want to work hard, achieve common goals and grow with them. You may also make a submission to the reputable staffing agency website to set up some interviews. There are tens of great staffing agencies which can really assist you in your job search.

And now some general tips which can be applied for successful job search not only in New York, but also worldwide.

  1. Keep your resume concise and short

One single sided page is enough.  Try to stay within the set volume. Your aim is to make it laconic and linked to quantifiable results. Limit your contacts to one email, one phone number and LinkedIn profile URL.

  1. Make a portfolio of job search docs

It is getting more and more popular to create a short portfolio of different documents related to the job search. That’s what can help you to distinguish yourself from other potential employees.

  1. Nail your video interview skills

Hiring managers use Skype as an effective way of conducting interviews. But it is not so easy to present yourself well in a video interview so train many times to excel in Skype interview.

  1. Use LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks to attract employers’ attention

Using LinkedIn and other social nets in the modern competitive labor market is an essential part of job search so dive deep into it.

  1. Don’t focus on major job boards

These job boards are effective way only when your resume consists of at least 85% of keywords form the job posting. You’d rather concentrate on job matching sites or regional and industry-specific boards.


Job search in New York is not a cakewalk but ambitious applicants always have success and land a job there. Learn some patience, be prepared, get all the stereotypes out of your head and go ahead!


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