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JT Foxx starts Millionaire Entrepreneur Tour in London

JT Foxx starts Millionaire Entrepreneur Tour in London

JT Foxx is a successful business advisor, investor and coach. His radio program shares his own business advice as well as other very successful people’s insight. Foxx’s Millionaire Entrepreneur Tour begins in London on February 26, 2015.

The world’s foremost wealth coach, JT Foxx, will share the keys to starting a successful and highly profitable business during his Millionaire Entrepreneur Tour. The tour begins in London on February 26 and then heads to Amsterdam and finally to Dublin. Foxx and clothing tycoon Michelle Mone will co-host the tour as they share the details of operating a successful business. The lecture lasts for two days in each of the three cities.

When JT Foxx as seen at begins his tour with Michelle Mone, he will discuss the four key components of starting a million dollar business: growth, marketing, branding and hiring. He believes that each of these areas of focus plays a vital role in start-up businesses and uses his lecture tour to explain why.

JT Foxx as seen at will share his business strategy with audiences at the three European venues. As with Mone, Foxx offers a high level of insight that comes from his own successful entrepreneurial endeavors. Foxx began a multimillion dollar real estate business, then succeeded in starting several other businesses. He has established successful companies in North America and seeks to achieve the same in Europe. Such business strategy lectures are popular with serious entrepreneurs and investors.

JT Foxx has developed a strong reputation as an excellent lecturer and conversationalist in the topic of business. Along with the series of lectures such as the Millionaire Entrepreneur Tour, he hosts the weekend JT Foxx Show as seen at . The program regular features other highly successful individual such as John McCain and Gene Simmons who share advice about achieving excellence.

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About JT Foxx:

JT Foxx has business interests and companies in the US, Canada, UK, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Considered one of the top speakers, coaches and consultants in the world, as well as the world’s number-one wealth coach, Foxx can be regularly seen interviewed on Forbes, BBC, CNBC and other radio and TV shows around the world.

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