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Juan Portrait Looks Set For A Bigger And Better Year

Juan Portrait Looks Set For A Bigger And Better Year

Global; 25, November 2015: A top Filipino photography company looks set for a fantastic year. They’ve organised more events than ever before, and their community is growing quickly. The operation uses the talents of volunteers to create stunning work. It helps to give something back. Indeed, there has been at least two events each month this year, and some of them have been very popular.

Juan Portrait

Juan Portrait centres its activities around five key missions. They use volunteers expertise to provide art to communities that don’t have access to technology. They also use photography as a platform to raise awareness about causes that matter. On top of that, they also assist partner organisations and NGOs with the documentation of events. The team aims to create and maintain projects that address essential needs of their adopted communities. Lastly, their final goal is to capture and showcase the Filipino spirit.

In the last few months, the team has taken part in lots of specially organised art events. In August, they ran the 100 Street Portraits project with great success. Volunteers were asked to showcase their best relevant work for any art-lovers to see. It was a roaring success thanks to everyone who found the time to take part. The event continues October 19th.

The team also an event called “A Portrait a Day Keeps the PDAF Away.” The idea was to provide solidarity with the Filipino people. Volunteers attended to showcase their work. They were also there to help document the historic day by taking portraits of protesters. Their help raises awareness about political issues that affect real people in the Philippines.

Over the next few months, there are many more events of that nature for Juan Portrait. Anyone who would like to take part or find out more is encouraged to get in touch. You don’t have to live in the Philippines to help this group. Artists from all over the world are encouraged to swing into action. Art is a universal language that everyone understands. It can break through the barriers placed in front of us by the segregation of nations.

To find out more about the good work undertaken by Juan Portraits, you can visit their website. Alternatively, some of you might want to use the contact information listed below. Anyone who wants to help with the projects financially can make donations online. All money goes towards photography equipment, printers, and other essential costs. Donations are very much appreciated, no matter how small. They make a big difference because the organisation is solely funded by your generosity.

For all media information contact::
Rm. 215, 2nd Floor, El Rico Suites
Makati City 1226

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