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Judy Haar Announces Free Book Giveaway on Amazon January 25 to 27

Judy Haar Announces Free Book Giveaway on Amazon January 25 to 27

Reno, Nevada – Judy Haar’s For I Am With You is a page-turning suspense thriller about a virus that threatens to end mankind and the team of hunters that are determined to stop it. Now, For I Am With You will be available free to interested readers on January 25, 26 and 27, 2015. Simply visit Judy Haar’s Amazon website for a free ebook copy at

For I Am With You is the story of the fight to stop a virus over a billion years old and prevent it from destroying mankind in a pandemic. The story focuses on Jenna, a PhD in Virology who works for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and who stumbles upon a virus concealed within an Ebola outbreak. Jenna and her team of virus hunters must wage war against a sentient virus that has determined to destroy humans. Ripped from today’s headlines, this story of contagion paints a picture of an unthinkable plague epidemic that leads to a battle to the death.

The author has experience working with viruses. Her master’s in Nuclear Chemistry allows her to take a much deeper view of the subject matter than the average person. “After all, viruses are exotic creatures that live in exotic cages,” says Haar when asked about her topic.

Reviews for the book have been very positive. One reviewer noted, “For I Am With You” will keep you awake at night turning pages, then wondering if the novel’s premise could ever become more than fiction.” Another reviewer stated, “I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was fun, it was informative, it was entertaining, and it leaves you thinking ‘what if?’”

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About Judy Haar:

Judy Haar has a M.S. in Nuclear Chemistry, allowing her to understand the deeper scientific truths which filter through her novels. In her books, she brings gritty realism to fascinating thriller plots to create exciting and plausible scenarios. Her latest book, For I Am With You, promises to resonate with readers in a deep and disturbing way, bringing to life their deepest fears of epidemics but offering hope for mankind as well.

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