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Jungle Master Fixed Blade Knife review

Jungle Master Fixed Blade Knife review

Oneonta, NY; 01, March 2017: Jungle Master JM-001L Fixed Blade Knife is a mean survival blade that is great for your outdoor adventures. Simply designed and minimally decorated, don’t let its simplicity fool you. It has a double-edged blade that’s really sharp and durable, a rubber grip that feels comfortable in your hand, a glass breaker at the base of the handle and a bayonet mount at the base of the blade. It is one unique and beautiful blade. It was built to last and to resist wear even when abused. Simple to use and easy to handle, it is your perfect pair for your next outdoor adventure.

With a flat edge and teeth serrations on the opposite side, the double-edged stainless steel blade measures up to 10 inches in length out of 15 inches knife. The point is a little curved and when sharpened to a point, it is a lethal weapon that can be used for hacking or puncturing anything that would trap or harm you. Durably built, it is meant for long term use and doesn’t easily wear even under constant abuse. It has a thick rubberized handle that feels just perfect in your hand. Comfortable and easy to use, the product is sure to suit any outdoor activity that you may be involved in. It feels secure in your hand and doesn’t slip easily. Just below the base of the blade, on the serrated side, is a small hole. For all those who are wondering for its purpose, it is actually designed to fit in the muzzle of a rifle so the knife acts as a bayonet. A unique feature that is not present in most knives. The base of the handle bears a spike-edge that’s main purpose is to break glass but can be used to puncture a lot of other materials, too. The knife has a black, lightweight, nylon sheath and comes with a tie strap so you can just tie it anywhere when you want to carry it around. Or you could choose to use the belt loop. A horizontal retaining strap with a button closure secures the knife inside, even when carried upside down, and a simple thumb flip would open it to free the knife.

The knife sharpens really well. The double-edged blade allows you to use it for many things. The flat edge that curves could do the slicing and some puncturing while the other side, the one with the nasty serrations, does a really fine sawing job. It is a really nice knife that you can take with you, especially when going outdoors. A particular interest (personally, anyway) is the hole in the base of the serrated edge of the blade that allows the knife to act as a bayonet. It’s awesome, really, (but only if you have a riffle) and perfect for camping or hunting trips. The glass breaker is also an added bonus. The sheath is very light and a smartly positioned strap secures the knife inside so you can do a lot of movement, even turn the sheathed knife upside down, and still you are sure that it won’t just suddenly slip. That security’s a real plus in my book. It’s also quite portable, what with the tie strap and the belt loop. The knife is made for long-term use so it is really durable and it is actually designed to be used in the wild outdoors.

It isn’t exactly a full tang knife, meaning that the blade does not run all the way to the handle, so it is not that high of quality. However, it is better than most knives in the market that are not full tang so there’s that. It is also quite huge for a knife but it fits a large hand beautifully and the sheath is scarily thin. If you sharpen your knife too much, you’d fear that it would cut through the nylon.

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