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Kaylah Blue BLV Music Group is hosting a Mixtape for Hype World Magazine

Kaylah Blue BLV Music Group is hosting a Mixtape for Hype World Magazine

Kaylah Blue, an artist with BLV Music Group, is hosting a mixtape and is the featured artist for Hype World Magazine. The mixtape drops on January 28th and the magazine January 31st. In addition to this, BLV Music Group wants to promote the magazine feature and her three songs that are placed on Hype World Mixtape Volume 11. The songs include Go Crazy, Learn to Luv Me, and Flirt featuring Dizzy Wright. The songs are now available for download on

The Volume 11 mixtape presented by DJ So Hype is hosted by Kaylah Blue of BLV Music Group. The label also wants to bring awareness to Kaylah Blue of BLV Music Group as well as Hype World Magazine. Kaylah Blue was raised on the West side of Las Vegas. She started honing her vocal talents by simply singing in the choir of her grandfather’s church. She sung her first solo at the age of four and this is one of the reasons why she was known as the little girl with the great voice.

When she reached the age of six, she finally realized that singing is her passion and she really loved doing it. According to Kaylah Blue, music is the only thing she loves to do and at the same time it is her ultimate source of strength and joy. She also believes that God blessed her with this great talent and she wants to share this great gift with the world.

At the age of eleven, her parents encouraged her to audition for community plays and school plays. It was during this time that Kaylah Blue began competing in various talent competitions taking first place each time she grabbed the mic. Kaylah Blue was also the youngest member of Revival Temple adult choir at the age of 14. As a result of her vocal skill Kaylah Blue was invited to join the Las Vegas gospel group Dominion Power.

Kaylah Blue’s genres are Pop music, Soul music and R&B music. She continues to pursue her passion for music and has assured her fans whom she refers to as Blue Babiis that she will never get tired of sharing her talents with the world. It is a fact that Kaylah Blue is one of those individuals who possesses the talent, focus, and determination to attain longevity and success in the music industry.

To learn more, please check out . For inquiries, please contact BLV Music Group at 702-236-5421 or send an email inquiry to

Contact: Stephanie Hill
Company: BLV Music Group
Address: 2510 E. Sunset Rd. #5, Las Vegas, NV, 89120 Box #169
Telephone: (702) 236-5421

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