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Keith & Margo Invite Customers to MMT New Year Eve Killer Party

Keith & Margo Invite Customers to MMT New Year Eve Killer Party

Texas – Keith and Margo are planning a Killer Party through their New Year Gala at the Murder Mystery Texas on the New Year Eve. This New Year Eve party held at Omni Park West is intended to unite over thousands of people. A typical New Year’s party comes with a fun filled package of dancing, contests, team selection, dinner, mystery games, prizes, more dancing throughout the night and a morning breakfast! All guests are allowed to dress semi-formally and are greeted by the Murder Mystery hosts. The party usually takes place at the Ball-room and every guest is assigned to a team.

The site also offers NYE Tickets and Itinerary. Based on the date and time you select, respective prices and tickets are available for purchase. Advance booking is always advisable to avoid last moment rushes. The New Year Eve party takes place in all major Texas State cities such as Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Plano, San Antonio and Houston.

What’s the take?

MMT has planned to offer a grand gourmet with 5 course dinner packages. All guests are entertained not only with live action Homicide case, but also comes with dancing for your favorite requests played by the DJ. If you are a group, then an optional free hotel guest room can add luxury to your comforts. Guests attending are expected to be around with large groups and partying environment right enough to make merry on a New Year’s Eve!

If you are looking for an entertaining, fun filled Gala with murder mystery solving games on a New Year Eve, don’t miss out this Killer party at Keith & Margo’s MMT!

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