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Kennisha Moffett to Launch Her First Book Entitled as “Dying to Become One” for Newly-Wed Couples

Kennisha Moffett to Launch Her First Book Entitled as “Dying to Become One” for Newly-Wed Couples

Kennisha Moffett is a world-renowned mentor, trainer and coach of leaders on transition who launched her first book. This book is entitled as Dying to Become One that is a narrative non-fiction and is meant to teach newly-weds on loving their partners unconditionally.

It is normal for people to encounter a list of endeavors while taking their journey to fulfilling their purpose. New and difficult endeavors always arise in all aspects. One good example of these challenges is those that are faced by newly-wed couples.

Love can serve as a starting foundation for newly married couples. However, they need to work hard for it to remain stronger. However, issues in life often weaken this foundation as couples try to take their journey together. Unfortunately, a weakened foundation results to poor relationships and poor marriages. This is one of the reasons why Kennisha wrote Dying to Become One to help newly married couples make their foundation of love. It is also meant to help them succeed in facing al challenges that they may encounter in their married life.

Dying to Become One is authored by a world-renowned Life coach. Her book tells about the captivating story of two-flawed people who make the possible mistakes. By seeking and abiding the wisdom of God, they were able to successfully build a marriage that served as a symbol of hope for other couples.

In this book, Kennisha shared her testimony regarding defeats and triumphs. The book is purposefully written not only to inspire but to give hope to other newly-wed couples. This is also written to serve as tool in learning life lessons. They can find biblical guidance and other applicable insights that help them in learning how to love their families and spouses.

Kennisha Moffett’s Dying to Become One has just been currently released and is now available to be purchased by interested readers.

Kennisha Moffett Coaching is based in Austin Texas. As a life coach, she covers several coaching aspects such as spiritual, relationship, family, balance, career and transition. She also helps people who desire to get more out of their lives.

If you are interested to know more about this book, feel free to visit http://www.kennishamoffett.com/#!books/ccjm ; website http://www.kennishamoffett.com/ or call Kennisha Moffett at 512-966-5237

Company: Kennisha Moffett Coaching
Contact: Kennisha Moffett
Address: 1102 S. Austin Ave., Ste. 110-276. Georgetown, TX 78628
Contact No.: 512-966-5237
Email Address: KennishaMoffett@gmail.com
Website: http://www.kennishamoffett.com/

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