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Kharma Khare introduces Hybrid Bliss yoga mat, successor of the Reincarnated series

Kharma Khare introduces Hybrid Bliss yoga mat, successor of the Reincarnated series

Innovative LA-based company transforms landfill waste to eco-friendly wonder in a patent-pending process that reincarnates discarded rubber tires as high-performance non-slip yoga mats.

Kharma Khare, manufacturer of innovative high-performance yoga mats made from recycled tires, has introduced the Hybrid Bliss, a new yoga mat now available for purchase online at


In 2012, Kharma Khare founder Aseem Giri, a private equity investor who had found yoga as a coping mechanism when his son was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition, recognized a need for a non-slip yoga mat made from sustainable materials.

Giri partnered with Mechanical Engineer Sean Odo, and endeavored to create the most eco-friendly high-performance yoga mat on the planet. They developed a patent-pending manufacturing process for recycling rubber tires into a non-toxic material with exceptional grip, and brought to market the Reincarnated Yoga Mat.

The Reincarnated series – made entirely from recycled rubber car tires – delivered exceptional grip and support, and utilized no new materials in production. Reincarnated was highly acclaimed by yogi experts as “superior to Manduka in every way” and praised as a “game changer” offering “incredible traction” in any yoga practice.

Reincarnated gained instant popularity with practitioners of hot yoga and those who sweat profusely because the grip enhances with moisture. Giri explains, “The chemistry is similar to when a race car driver will spin out tires at the start of a race to generate heat and grip the road better.”

After introducing the Reincarnated series, Kharma Khare was inundated with requests to expand the line with new and more diverse offerings of the same eco-friendly and high-performance caliber. In response, Kharma Khare has developed the new Hybrid Bliss yoga mat, the most versatile eco-conscious yoga mat on the market.

The Hybrid Bliss integrates a 1-Mm layer of sustainable natural rubber latex material with the 4-Mm Reincarnated Lite, creating a highly versatile yoga mat finished in purple, green or blue. The result is a two-toned, two-in-one yoga mat ideal for a broad range of yogic practices, from Yin to Bikhram.

The Hybrid Bliss provides the ultimate balance between support and stability, grip and traction. Yogis can use the slicker natural rubber latex side for less vigorous practices, or the Reincarnated side for ultimate grip in more intense practices.

The innovative Hybrid Bliss (MSRP $90) is now available for $70 on the newly launched website, online at Amazon, and in select yoga studios in California.


About Kharma Khare

Kharma Khare, founded in 2006 by Aseem Giri and Sean Odo, is a Los Angeles based company committed to delivering the best yoga mats for your practice and our planet. Kharma Khare recycles rubber tires into high performance non-slip yoga mats via a patent-pending process that uses  ½ to ¾ of a rubber car tire that would otherwise be in a landfill or burnt for crude energy in every yoga mat.

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