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Killin’ Grizzly Keeps the 70’s Alive and Energised with New Single ‘Shot, Fired and Undesired’

Killin’ Grizzly Keeps the 70’s Alive and Energised with New Single ‘Shot, Fired and Undesired’

Byron Bay, NSW; 26, September 2016: One man with a guitar and drum machine who makes a hell of a lot of noise.

Fresh off the back of his self-titled debut EP, Killin’ Grizzly a.k.a Kallan Greasley has gone from experimenting with guitars and drum machines in a run down water tank to solidifying his place on the Rock N’ Roll scene with his debut release and is now poised to share his huge vintage rock sound with the masses.

Still stringing up his guitar for his first official gig, Killin’ Grizzly has already been snatched up by Lighthouse Records to have his single ‘Shot, Fired and Undesired’ included on their ‘Indie Legends’ compilation album, which is due out this July.

Having spent years trialing sounds and recording demos Killin’ Grizzly has found his unique sound with the release of his self-titled EP Killin’ Grizzly. Drawing inspiration from music industry shaping artists like Led Zeppelin, Howlin’ Wolf, The Beatles and The White Stripes, ‘Shot, Fired and Undesired’ is a hard-hitting new age vintage rock song, designed to shake your walls.

“I’d been mucking around with music a little bit, [then] a few friends convinced me to have a party and perform some tracks for them, so a whole heap of mates drove out and spent the night listening to me play and have a bit of a party,” said Kal. “It was the first time I’d really ‘performed’ any of my own material and I loved it. Got a pretty good response from everyone too, and I just knew I wanted to keep going with it. I decided to start pushing myself forward with a ‘what’s the worst that can happen’ approach and now I’ve been lucky enough to record my debut EP”.

Using exaggerated, and sometimes mythical characters in his songs, ‘Shot, Fired and Undesired’ is a song about a “bottom feeder who eventually gets what is coming to them”, loosely based on a collection of people who have passed in and out of Kal’s life.

The single ‘Shot Fired and Undesired’ was produced by Cam Lee of the bands Zoophyte and The Higgs, with the final mix being engineered by Cameron Trewin who has worked with The Delta Riggs, Kingswood, Alpine and is currently touring internationally with Rüfüs.

You can find Killin’ Grizzly’s music on a variety of online platforms, via his Official Website, iTunesand Spotify stores. In addition, ‘Shot, Fired and Undesired’ is available through Lighthouse Record’s ‘Indie Legends’ compilation album, which as released this July.

Killin’ Grizzly (EP) – April 2016

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The Melbourne-based band Killin’ Grizzly was founded by vocalist/guitarist Kal Greasley in 2014. Growing up near Clarkefield in country Victoria a lot of the songs had been floating around for a number of years waiting for a style to develop before they saw the light of day. In April of 2016, KG released his self-titled debut EP. A three song collection which begins to scratch the surface of some exiting things to come.

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