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Know Your New Year Eve Itinerary at Murder Mystery Texas

Know Your New Year Eve Itinerary at Murder Mystery Texas

Texas – New Year Gala event is one of the most awaited time during the beginning of New Year. Through Murder Mystery Texas (MMT), Keith & Margo have been attracting thousands of guests to the New Year Eve Gala party. MMT offers excellent gourmet 5 course dinner package

Know Your Itinerary

Guests dressed in semi-formal way check in at the hotel and receive their welcome letter. The ballroom accepts 10 teams of guests to start working on their murder mystery cases. The dance floors open a few minutes later and the DJ takes in requests to begin with.  Hungry guests are welcome with salads and each team is given their murder mystery case to resolve. Various fun filled games, dances, music precedes entertains the party  goers.

The dance interrogations allow the teams to pursue questionnaires anyone and not share their ideas with other teams. While the heated arguments and questionnaires continue, all the guests can have their gourmet dinner and dessert. Arguments, clues and take notes from the Detective’s speech.

The guests begin another round of dancing as part of answer form to solve the crime. Each team can hand in their written answers and the DJ takes in request and dance floor rocks again. After the crime is solved and murderers are arrested, the teams with most accurate findings and get the nearest evidences, they would win the prizes.

More dance follows and the New Year is welcomed with bursting of balloons, champagne and lots of joy! MMT offers complimentary breakfast on the beginning of New Year to all the guests.

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