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Kolkata Townships: New way to live

Kolkata Townships: New way to live

logo dewanIf you live in Kolkata and wish to buy a piece of Land then Joka Metro City One which is being developed by Dewan Developers Pvt Ltd is the best bet to purchase.  The property is a gated community which is being developed in Joka and is just 2.3 Kms away from the upcoming Joka Metro. Joka Metro City One will have all the advantages of a modern Housing Complex and include Playgrounds, Swimming Pools and Community Halls etc.

 In the recent days housing communities are growing fast in Kolkata and more and more people wish to be a part of such communities rather than having a standalone property  some secluded corner.  This is partly because the lifestyle is better inside these Residential Communities and the always busy crowd also gets to get along with at least some sort of Social Life inside the four walls of such gated Community.

Joka is a fast developing extension to the city and is much likely to develop like Rajarhat or Newtown. Metro Railways is considered one of the most convenient form of communication in Kolkata and with the Constriction of Joka Metro the area is a hot deal. While Joka Metro City One is not best suited for those who are looking for immediate accommodation this certainly is for young investors who wish to start at some place with a property investment such as Investing in a Vacant Plot. Joka Metro City One is a good Investment at 2.2 Lac Per Cottha and having Payment option is Interest Free Installments.

As per the current Housing Loan Schemes with the Banks availing a loan to purchase a land is not possible so Dewan Developers Pvt Ltd’s upto 36 month’s Easy EMI Payment Scheme is quite a deal for new Investors who are salaried and wish to purchase a Vacant Land. Since, there is no Interest levied on the Monthly Payments the buyer doesn’t end up paying more on the Property Price. This Land Investment is certainly a better deal than an Investment in SIP owing to the Low Price; Excellent Infrastructural Development is the area and The Interest Free EMI Scheme.


Dewan Developers Pvt Ltd is the fastest growing Real Estate Development Firm located in Thakurpukur Area. The company specializes in developing Gated Communities and sells Vacant Plot in Joka area. The Company is Owned and Operated by Mr. Depak Mondal who has the vision of providing low cost high class living to Kolkatans. This company has already successfully completed the plot sales in the First project named Joka Metro City & the handovers have also begun; the 2nd Project Joka Metro City One is being worked upon and is currently available for bookings.


 1E, Thakurpukur ( Thakurpukur 3A Bus Stand) /


 Phone: +91 (0) 9883331103 / 9831662311

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