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Koowheel Electric Skateboard daily maintenance

Koowheel Electric Skateboard daily maintenance

First of all, wheels are extremely necessary for E-skateboard. Therefore regular checking and maintenance are required for wheels. Especially wheel components should be sensed by hands for its firmness regularly. Way to do it is to shaking wheel along the axis of the wheel, if components shakes then it is considered as loose phenomenon. In order to ensure the safety of riding, we should continue to check the wheel screws’ tightening and only under screw’s fully tightness and the whole assembly’s firmness then we are able to achieve its full operation. Surely the attrition rate should be strictly controlled for a convenient joyful riding experience.

Secondly,please put the electric skateboard in dry and ventilated place and do not put under moist and unventilated places when not in use. Long time placed in damp places will cause damped of PCB boards and battery then lead to some troubles.The last, there are always customized needs for E-skateboard, but please do not change chargers arbitrarily when not sure if it’s okay. Changing other chargers would lower E skateboard’s safety also reduce battery life. Don’t put the battery in places with temperature above 60 degrees and charging the battery every 2-3 month for long-time use to keep the battery saturation. Please fully charge the battery before first use. Due to transport which causes a long time no use of battery so the battery will shows a slow discharge. Please keep a clean and dry charging environment. Charging port when wet. Please do not charge when the charging port us damp. Please charge and store the vehicle based on requirements otherwise it will damage the battery and affect the battery life.
1. Only use the original parts for the board to avoid safety problems.
2. Get familiar with the conditions of the brake and make sure it with perfect braking performance.
3. Oil the bearings regularly
4. Beginners should ride the board with caution in a smooth surface road.
5. Avoid wet and over-bumpy road. This information comes from

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