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KOOWHEEL Smart scooter D3 Change the world from details

KOOWHEEL Smart scooter D3 Change the world from details

Recently, Koowheel technology companies launched its own and a new product Electric skateboard D3. And past car balance different products, this new product is an electric skateboard, Koowheel D3 launch extends not only to extend the Koowheel company’s products chain, but also make us to see that Koowheel committed to smart diversification concept of low-carbon travel and a global perspective. Now, let’s take a look at the Koowheel company which has always focus on the innovation, what changes will make on the new skateboard scooter D3 .

For electric scooter riding experience, the most important and influential of the two main aspects: riding position and the motor.

At present, There is a common problem about China’s existing electric scooters in cycling, that is relatively small, this stand will be very easy to feel tired and not comfortable. When you riding Koowheel D3, two feet pedals can get enough comfort your feet parallel standing area.

Koowheel D3 has very strong dual motors with high speed brushless dc hub-motor, its maximum speed can reach 40km every hour, so no matter how far away, you can reach by riding D3.

Innovative design, Koowheel hoverboard scooters D3 with remote control, it has more comfortable riding experience, but the rest of the details of the deal Koowheel also attaches great importance on the quality and use of experience. D3 can do absolutely nothing to Virgo .

Leading electric scooter into the smart era

As a travel intelligent hardware R & D enterprise, Koowheel electric scooters D3 how can this important property missing “smart.” ?

Koowheel can say that the launch of the new electric scooter D3, although compared to traditional skateboard scooters products, technological change is not too much, but in the details of the whole scooter body was optimized, even a lot of unique innovative design, and these changes will greatly affect the electric scooter riding, can bring more comfortable, reliable, easy-riding experience to the rider. This information comes from

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