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Kuntai Group Introduces High Quality Laminating Machine & Die Cutting Press at Best Prices

Kuntai Group Introduces High Quality Laminating Machine & Die Cutting Press at Best Prices

Jiangsu Province, China; 16, September 2015: With over three decades experience in supplying high quality Laminating Machines, Die Cutting Machines and other machinery, Jiangsu Kuntai Machinery Company now pioneers in the production of technologically improved machineries for their worldwide clients. Recently, the company showcased their new machinery at the Turkey Trade Show in Istanbul, where it gained a huge recognition among the worldwide visitors.

Kuntai Group has an incredible Laminating Machine range with different specifications and features. Customers can choose from Flame Laminating Machines, Hot Melt Laminating Machines, Fully Automatic Laminating Machines, Film Laminating Machines, and other types of machines. All these machines conform to the ISO9001:2008 standards and have CE certification to ensure their quality and safety guarantee. These laminating machines can be used in different industries, including automobile, garments, sports products, military and others.

The company has recently introduced the Hot Melt Laminating Machine that uses the solventless laminating technology that is safe and environment-friendly. This CE certified laminating machine could be used for laminating artificial leather, shoe materials, foam, clothing medical supplies and other materials. Equipped with a PLC System and a Human Machine Interface, the machine is easier to control and they can design the machine as per the client’s demand. The machine is appropriate for a high-tech and eco-friendly lamination.

According to the company spokesperson, their Travelling Head Die Cutting Press is in great demand for continuous cutting of non-metal materials. The machine could be used in the shoes, sports goods, car interiors and other industries. Fitted with a servo motor, the machine offers a precise horizontal movement as well as rotation of the cutting head. The machine has different working modes, such as manual and automatic and one can use it as per own preference and convenience. The PLC controlled machine is easy to work with, allowing product customization in a desired manner.

Customers can check the features and specifications of all these machines by visiting the website

About Jiangsu Kuntai Machinery Co., Ltd:

Kuntai Group has been dedicated to the production and R&D of Laminating Machines and Cutting Machines for over three decades. As an industry leader, they continuously provide innovative and practical solutions to customers around the world in industries, such as textile, leather, footwear, automotive interiors, sports goods, packaging industry and so on. All employees of the company adhere to customer-centric service philosophy, which wins the trust of worldwide customers. The company serves clients as their best partner for both standard products and customized high-end solutions.

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