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Layeronline Launches AWS S3 Cloud Backup For Customer Websites With One Year Retention

Layeronline Launches AWS S3 Cloud Backup For Customer Websites With One Year Retention

23, May 2016: LayerOnline, a web hosting provider specialized in cloud based hosting and virtualization solutions, announced it is offering cloud backup powered by Amazon AWS S3 for its customer websites with one year retention free of charge. Amazon S3 is a reliable industry standard cloud storage which provides triple replications across different continents and strongest AES-256 encryption at rest.

The service, code named “time machine”, is an initiative after a recent new about a well-known web hosting provider deleted all customer websites after a typo in their maintenance script. The incident proved local backups are not enough to protect customer’s valuable data. Even offsite backup of the same company also may not be secure as maintenance script can easily propagate to backup servers too. Amazon S3 on the other hand, with versioning enabled, even when the data is deleted, can be easily recovered to any previous versions. LayerOnline customers can use “time machine” to “go back in time” and restore their website to any previous version with one year retention. User’s website data is backup weekly to AWS S3 with lifetime of one year.

The use of AWS S3 for website backups also allow LayerOnline to restore customer websites to any LayerOnline server on any continent, in case the original server or the datacenter of the original server is down.

Normally web hosting providers offer no backup or only one nightly backup due to the high cost of backups. LayerOnline take customer’s data integrity as first priority. “We are excited to be one of the first to provide Amazon S3 cloud backup to our customers and do it for free, and to have a retention of one year, because we know how important those website data are to businesses. We chose Amazon S3 because so Amazon is the industry leader in cloud storage and they have a very matured and reliable cloud infrastructure.” A LayerOnline Spokesperson said.

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Established in 2008, LayerOnline is a cloud web hosting provider located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. LayerOnline has been providing top quality high performance web hosting solutions for websites in over 200 countries. They offer many advanced hosting technologies such as Nginx/Apache hybrid engine, private hosting environment, realtime DDOS protection, Digg effect protection, typo-proof domain registration, HTTP compression and more. For more information, please visit

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