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Leading SEO company paves the way

Leading SEO company paves the way

Los Angeles, CA – Prestige Backlinks continues to impress industry observers with strong growth and client retention rates that surpass those of their nearest rivals.

In quarterly figures just released to stakeholders, PrestigeBacklinks.com delivered a 17% increase in gross turnover and a client retention rate of 92% for the preceding year.

Sales Manager Richard Hughes attributed the strong results to their “continual delivery of top rankings in Google and Bing to website owners all over the world”.

“We also take great pride in delivering the most responsible and transparent link building in the industry with our link building strategies complying with every one of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and all of Google’s algorithm updates including the latest Penguin 3.0 and Pirate 2.0”.

The company also provides highly detailed rank update and link reports every week that include precise details of every link that has been built.

About PrestigeBacklinks.com

Prestige Backlinks is an industry-leading SEO company that delivers leading Google and Bing rankings to website owners all over the world.

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Richard Hughes, Sales Manager

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