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Learn Arabic 6000 Words Users Can Now Enjoy Learning without Seeing Advertisements

Learn Arabic 6000 Words Users Can Now Enjoy Learning without Seeing Advertisements


USA – Fun Easy Learn language learning applications have been recognized as vocabulary boosters by language learning enthusiasts around the world. Learn Arabic 6000 Words is one of the most successful language learning apps released by the leading software developer up until now. Recently, the developers announced that the application can now be purchased from Google PlayStore and users can instantly unlock all levels of the interactive language learning app by just paying a small price. They have also added that by purchasing, users can remove all third-party ads and can learn Arabic at ease. The price of Learn Arabic 6000 Words full-version application may vary from one country to another.

Arabic is one of the largest languages in the world in terms of number of native and non-native speakers. Though it is a language of preference across the Gulf as well as many other parts of the world, non-native speakers of the language find it extremely difficult to get a good grasp over Arabic vocabulary and syntax. This is because vowels that are spoken are not actually used in written Arabic. European learners take much time to distinguish the basic grammar rules of the Semitic languages since their mother tongues are mostly derived from Latin. Learn Arabic 6000 Words is an intelligently built app that not only enriches the vocabulary of the learner, but makes learning sheer fun for them. The developers firmly believe that the newly launched ad-free full-version app will encourage more number of learners to learn Arabic in a fun and easy way.

On the eve of the launch of the zero-advertisement version of the app, the chief developer of Fun Easy Learn met a small group of journalists. “We have been developing language learning apps for quite a few years now and we have received hundreds of queries regarding how the ads can be removed. In order to meet their expectations, we have just introduced this new option for users. We know passionate and serious writers will definitely want a seamless learning experience and they will be happy to pay a small fee to unlock all levels”, he said.

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