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Learn English 6000 Words Vocabulary App Reached Five Million Users Worldwide

Learn English 6000 Words Vocabulary App Reached Five Million Users Worldwide


Learn English 6000 Words, an English language vocabulary app that has been proved effective as an m-learning tool, reached five million users worldwide. On behalf of Fun Easy Learn, the software development firm that has developed the e-learning app, a key representative claimed that this is the first language learning app of this type that has crossed five million users worldwide. He also added that the software application will be updated at regular intervals and new and existing users can expect a host of added features in the future versions of the mobile learning app.

English language is considered to be one of the most complex European languages and even many Europeans face difficulties while trying to learn the language. The developers have stressed on the fact that the language learning app will make English language learning a lot easier and simpler for the users, no matter of what age they are. They have maintained that the built-in games and other interactive features along with the colourful interface will make the app popular among kids as well.

“We know a large section of our existing users are kids and their parents. We also know that many of our tiny patrons hugely love the colourful interface of the mobile learning app that we have designed. It does not only have a vast and growing database of English language words, but it is also highly interactive in nature. We think this is the biggest reason why five million people are already using it. We take pride in the fact that our users are increasing day by day”, said the CEO of Fun Easy Learn during a recent press conference.

Another spokesperson was asked whether the app is downloadable from their official site or not. He said, “Anyone can just visit Google app store and locate our Learn English 6000 Words app there. There is no need to visit our website. The app is free to use and visiting Google app marketplace is just enough”.

About the Company

Learn English 6000 Words belongs to a family of language learning apps, all developed by Fun Easy Learn, an e-learning app development company.

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