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Learn How this Walk-in Pallet Box Reduces Costs in Your Transportation Business

Learn How this Walk-in Pallet Box Reduces Costs in Your Transportation Business

New and Innovative pallet box system: MP Packaging introduces the Walk-in MPbox

Maarheeze, The Netherlands– Europe’s leading suplier of transportation and haulage solutions, MP Packaging has recently released a new and improved version of it’s top selling, foldable pallet box, the MPbox.


The newly designed, foldable Walk-in MPbox is guaranteed to delight everybody who’s business is to transport heavy goods in the safest, fast and most efficient way possible.


Benefits of the New MPbox During Loading and Unloading Phases

Due to the three foldable walls that are fixed into the pallet, loading the MPbox with heavy goods is achieved in a matter of seconds.


One or even two pallet box walls, can be taken out of the base pallet and thus provide an easy access to the pallet itself.


Gone are the days, in which pallet boxes are loaded through small and narrow windows, making the loading process often long and tiresome.


Spare the health and valuable time of your warehouse employees: The Walk-in pallet box makes the loading process safe for your workers back health, reduces work time (the walls are taken out in seconds) and still provide more than enough space for heavy and oversized goods.


Of course, the same benefits apply to the unloading process. The MP pallet box walls are easily taken of the base pallet, providing workers with an easy access to the goods.


The MPbox and its Construction

The whole design and construction of the Walk-in pallet boxes was done with one single goal in mind: To make the loading and unloading of pallet boxes, as safe, fast and cost-efficient as possible.


The four walls of the MPbox are fixed into the special base pallet with the help of two heavy-duty clamps, per wall.
Additionally, at the lower part of each wall you can find pins that attach into the special base pallet and provide the MPbox’s walls with its additional stability.


The MPbox packaging systems comes in many shapes and sizes

MPpackaging provides the MPbox pallet-system for pallets in heights ranging from 35cm, all the way up to 220cm.


Also, the MP pallet box walls can be stacked on top of each other, creating double the amount of loading space on a single pallet. Stacking oversized and heavy goods on pallets safely and efficiently, is now a matter of minutes.


How To Cut Costs with the Walk-in pallet box

Due to the fast-paced and highly competitive nature of the transportation and haulage business, companies like yours, are constantly on the look out to increase the amount of value they can bring to their customers.


And for good reason. Simply saving 10 minutes per pallet in the loading or unloading phase of your transportation process, due to the use of an intelligently designed pallet box system like the Walk-in pallet boxes, means that your company probably makes up to thousands of Euro in revenue more per month.


Think about it: Saving time during the loading and unloading part of a transport, cuts personal costs, reduces costs of operating machinery and vehicles such as forklifts and reduces the danger of harmful accidents and reduces back injuries.


Contact MPpackaging to find your revenue generating and safe transportation solution.

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