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Legg & Wessel- Your Best Supplier of Packing, Safety and Hygiene Products

Legg & Wessel- Your Best Supplier of Packing, Safety and Hygiene Products

Are you looking for packing equipments to pack up the items dear to you? Or, are you in need of safety industrial equipments? In need of hygiene products of good quality? Legg & Wessel, a packaging material safety equipment supplier, can put an end to all your wants by providing the best quality packing, safety and hygiene products. They have been in the manufacturing and supplying industry for a long time and hence, have a very good understanding of the customer’s need. Over the years they have gained a very good reputation in the market because of satisfied customers regarding quality and prices.

The products they offer are of fine quality and are supplied at affordable price. They offer packaging products like adhesives, adhesive tapes, paper, twines, plastic bags, strapping and wrapping items from a wide range of good brands like Brady, Henkel, Loctite, Sealed-Air, Teroson, Eurocel, HSTM, and many more. They also supply a full range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and safety supplies like hearing protection, safety footwear, coveralls, harnessing and safety clothing from companies like 3M, Kimberly Clark, Javlin, Frams, Lemaitre, Bova and Dromex. Hygiene products of great quality from companies like Byotrol, Diversey and Legg & Wessel themselves can be found here. The products promise better health, which gives advantages like healthier employees, reduced absenteeism, minimal contamination in work environment and time saving while cleaning. All the brands supplied by Legg and Wessel are quality tested global brands.

For getting updates and information on their products and services, you can contact Legg & Wessel either by telephone, post, email or fax services. A contact form and real time messaging service is also available on their website Further information can be found by accessing the website itself.

About Legg & Wessel
Legg and Wessel is a firm which provides packaging, occupational and commercial hygiene products and safety equipments from a range of global and tested brands to its customers. It was established in the year 1877 and is serving with high quality products ever since its establishment. Some of the leading brands it is associated with are 3M, Kimberley Clark, Byotrol and Brady, to name a few.

34 Natal Street, Paarden Eiland, 7405,
Cape Town, South Africa
Telephone no: 0215112001
Facsimile no: 0215112254

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