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Let each housewife know the related home using water cleaning device

Let each housewife know the related home using water cleaning device

America – With the increasingly serious situation of the water pollution coupled people¡¯s high degree concern about the health of the drinking water, the tap water, boiled water, water fountains and other traditional drinking water process methods can not meet the needs of people and then the household water purifiers such as big blue water filter or RO water purifier become the ideal choice of those people.

As the introduction of the famous water filter cartridge supplier , there are many types of home water purifier on the market such as water purifier, water softener, drink straight and others. Variety of species names let consumers become very confused and then do not know how to better choose this device. In general, the common household water purifier includes pre-filter, central water purifier, central water softener, terminal drink device. Different devices have different functions. Before purchasing them, each consumer should know more information about those devices.


This device will be usually installed in the inlet pipe meter which could be regarded as the first whole-house roughly water filtration equipment. This device could filter sediment, rust, large particulate matter in tap water and it can also stabilize water pressure and then protect connected water purification equipment.

Central Water purifier machine

This part could enhance the water quality through the KDF filter and activated carbon adsorption. It could play the role of removing the sediment, rust, bacteria, suspended solids, algae, organic molecules and other harmful substances in water and then leave the substances which are good to people¡¯s body health. The treated water could reach to very high quality.

Central water softener

By the natural resin material, this device could better replace the calcium and magnesium ions into the water and then it could reduce water hardness and soften water. Reducing those minerals into the water, it could help to protect people¡¯s skin and cloth. On the other hand, it could also avoid the forming of macula on the water ware, cutlery and others.

Terminal drink device

This device adopts the five high-precision filtration process such as Pre water filter which could help to enhance the water level very effectively. This device could better avoid secondary pollution and let the water have high oxygen content and promote the body metabolism.

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