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Let me understand the inner structure of the RO water purifier

Let me understand the inner structure of the RO water purifier

America – In general, the reverse osmosis water purifier also has five filtering structures. It could be generally concluded into the PP cotton filter, granular activated carbon pre-filter as the second stage, the third stage compression activated carbon filter, at the core of RO reverse osmosis membrane filter the fourth grade and the last one activated carbon (small T33). The following information which has been provided by famous water filter cartridge online seller will tell people detailed information about those five filtering structure.

PP cotton filter

The first filter which is also known as PP cotton filter is the 5 micron pore size filter, which could help to remove the residual, rust and other minor impurities into the normal water.

Pre-particulate carbon filter

This filtering layer is generally made by the raw materials such as coal, shell (core) and other carbonaceous materials which had passed through the chemical or physical activation or other method. The materials for this layer have a lot of pores and specific surface area which has a strong adsorption capacity and can effectively adsorb organic pollutants in water. In addition, during the activation process, the non-crystalline form parts of the activated carbon surface will generate the oxygen functional groups which could better adsorb catalytic oxidation and reduce some metal ions into water.

Compressed carbon filter

The thirdly filter is the compresses carbon filter which could further remove the chlorine, odor, and solid impurities of the water. This part is so crucial for the whole reverse osmosis system.

RO reverse osmosis membrane filter

This filter is the most important one among this system. It could play the most effective role of removing the calcium, magnesium, bacteria, organic, inorganic, metal ions and radioactive substances. The water which has been filtered through the means of this device will reflect on the water crystal clear level and sweet glycol. The water has been filtered by RO membrane filter has very high quality and could save the health minerals substance. Long-term drinking the purified water from Pre water filter does not produce side effects to body health.

Rear activated carbon (small T33)

The small T33 carbon material could help to better improve the taste of water. It could be regarded as very helpful step to enhance the quality of the water.

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