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Let the Cracks in Your Basement Worry You No More

Let the Cracks in Your Basement Worry You No More

Toronto, Canada, October 14, 2016 — DryShield Water Solution Corp. is a professional waterproofing contractor based in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. They specialize in a number of waterproofing solutions, basement crack repairs, sump pumps and well installation, and also deal with foundation crack injections. They have a long record of expertise in this industry, working for commercial as well as residential buildings for more than 25 years.

DryShield is at present one of Canada’s largest waterproofing contractors. They are the providers of the finest waterproofing and basement crack repair solutions in Toronto. Through these 25 years of acquired knowledge and experience, use of latest technologies, and a dedicated team of contractors, DryShield has earned this name as the best in the market. The quality and safety of work and the environment are the top priority in DryShield. These qualities have lifted them to be the best waterproofing experts in the Canada.

Wet Basements are caused either due to leaky pipes in the basement area, or basement cracks. These cracks are major factors that can cause considerable damage to the structure of a building. Water filled, wet basements are also the abode for various microbes, leading to health problems. The increased humidity in these parts of the house and the basement creates a suitable environment to breed the disease-causing organisms and mold.

The basement crack repair solutions from DryShield concentrate on the source of water leakage. Water seeping through the basement cracks has to be prevented using internal waterproofing techniques. The external weeping tile will not be useful here to regulate the water flowing into your basement. Using internal waterproofing in these cases is not only recommended but also reduces the cost considerably, says the DryShield expert. To determine the location of your basement cracks and the subsequent water seepage, DryShield offers a free inspection of your property and solutions for basement crack repairs for your building.

About DryShield Water Solutions Corp:

DryShield is an IICRC certified waterproofing company and is named as Ontario’s leading foundation experts. Over the years, they have worked on various residential, commercial as well as historic buildings, such as the Pearson International Airport. DryShield also provides a 25-year transferable warranty for all their services. Being accredited by the Better Business Bureau as a reliable service, DryShield has a competent and skilled team of waterproofing contractors. Visit or contact them at 1-800-277-5411, to get a free basement waterproofing quote.

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Toronto, Canada

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