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Let you have fully understanding about the ET120 GPS tracker on

Let you have fully understanding about the ET120 GPS tracker on

China – The electrical bike becomes popular trend as the concept of environmentally friendly. At the same time, the problem about how to better keep the security condition of electrical bike become very necessary for each users. Today, this article will introduce with client one very useful GPS tracking device which will better prevent their electrical bike from the stealing.

This device is the ET120 GK301 . The launching of this GPS positioning terminal is to meet with the increasing market demand for electric vehicle anti-theft. The ET120 combine with the GSM network and GPS positioning technology systems. In order to enhance its service life and quality, this product follows IP65 dustproof and waterproof design. It owns functions such as real-time vehicle location tracking, tracking record playback, displacement, cross border and vibration alarm. On the other hand, the strong online location-based services platform enables remote control and management by Android or iPhone applications.

The following tips with give people detailed information about this GPS tracking device.

First, the ET120 has high level dustproof and waterproof function which totally relies the IP65 rated dust and water proofing design.

Second, this device has the ACC detection which could give people real-time vehicle status reporting very timely.

Thirdly, the real-time location tracking is another intelligent function of this device.

Fourthly, ET120 GS503 also has the function of displacement alarm. The meaning is that the device will automatically send the alarming information if the vehicle exceeds the related. Furthermore, it also has the vibration alarm which is that the alarm will be set in case the vehicle has abnormal vibration.

Fifthly, if the thief just stealing your electrical vehicle, how could you do to stop them? Most of people should have the same feeling that we will have no ability to stop the thief after their stolen action. However, the ET120 may help people eliminate this situation as their remote power shutting down function.

Sixthly, this GPS tracker on also has very wide voltage range which is from 20 to 90VDC. So, this device is suitable for many models.

On the other hand, this device also has a variety of ways for position tracking such as SMS and android platform.

If people want to know more information about this high quality GPS tracking device, please do not hesitate to get contact by the following information.

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