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Let you know more about the marriage propose

Let you know more about the marriage propose

America – Women¡¯s romantic desire to propose could be absolutely no less than their expectations for a wedding ceremony. People which are good at observing the details should now put forward a question which is why the commonly propose posture is always one knee down to ground. For this problem, most of friends around the world all have their different answer. Now, the famous lace wedding dress online seller will teach you some information about the proposing.

Reason of the proposing one knee down posture

First, the editor from will give people fully explaining about why the one knee down posture is very commonly. This posture was initially come from Europe countries. For this proposing method, there are mainly two sorts of saying.

One, ancient men of Europe are respect for women so the one knee down posture could be regarded as the polite custom to aristocracy and it could express the related feeling of respect and sincere request.

Another argument is that this posture has some relationship with the duel of Europe people. In the past, men often want to compete for the beloved woman and duels. During the process of duel, the winner would kill the fail people and then used their right hand to hold the sword tip up and then touch the ground by heir right knee and putted their his left hand on the right left knee. This posture represents the meaning of you return to me .

Unique and creative marriage proposal

Today, more and more young people have the pursuing to innovative, interesting and personalized lifestyle. This mind has also influence the method of marriage proposal. The posture of one knee down to the ground is also very romantic but this method is so old. So, some unique and creative marriage proposals have been found. Those new things could also express the most sincere request about heart and love.

Now, which is the famous online seller for 2015 discount wedding dresses will teach you one creative marriage proposing method which is about the video! If you like a girl who is very subtle, then using the subtle way to express love will not let her too pleased and feel flawless. You can record your heard words about loving by your DV and accompany this video by her favorite music. After that, you could make this video into a period of exclusive and dedicated marriage present. Then, you could send this video to your lover by e-mail or post the video to sites. I think she will be very touched and thank you for your intentions.

However, marriage proposal is very crucial thing for each people¡¯s life. Please do not limit yourself and the creating mind is very necessary.


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