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“Let’s Be Clear Georgia”  Campaign To Educate Georgians on Marijuana Issues

“Let’s Be Clear Georgia” Campaign To Educate Georgians on Marijuana Issues

Atlanta, GA – The perception of marijuana’s harmfulness is falling among Georgia’s young people and 18.2% of Georgia’s high school seniors have smoked marijuana in the last 30 days. To reverse these trends a collaboration of over 150 private and public agencies, employers, and individuals engaging in best practices and policies to prevent marijuana abuse in our state have launched “Let’s Be Clear Georgia” today in Atlanta. The goal of the program is to prevent and reduce marijuana use among Georgia’s youth and young adults and in the workplace. Its central hub is

“A crucial first step in tackling the problem of marijuana abuse is to educate parents, youth, and other Georgia residents about the dangers of abusing marijuana,” said Dr. Gregg Raduka, Collaborative Convener.

Such education will include a social marketing campaign using social and traditional media channels. Policy education will also be provided for Georgia’s legislators and other policy makers.

In addition, business involvement is paramount to the collaborative.

Workplaces are the invisible empire for drug use and distribution; any decrease in perception of harm will have a detrimental effect on businesses of all sizes. Employers need education on the risks and complexity of marijuana use, both long term and short term. Employees are also likely to be impacted by substance abuse, making education a necessary prevention tool to reduce marijuana abuse in Georgia’s workforce.

The Campaign will reach people mainly through its website, with events planned throughout the year to raise awareness. The Campaign will carry information on topics such as marijuana and the teen brain, marijuana as medicine, and marijuana and road safety impacts. It discusses common myths about marijuana and contains source-verified talking points.

For More Information About or To Join

Let’s Be Clear Georgia: A Collaborative to Prevent Marijuana Abuse
Email or call (678) 506-1572
Address: 5101 Old Highway 5, #609, Lebanon, GA 30146

Gregg Raduka
Phone: (678) 506-1572

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