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Liberty Auto Sales presents a variety of second hand cars from several popular brands

Liberty Auto Sales presents a variety of second hand cars from several popular brands

Houston; 26, January 2016: Almost every car enthusiast would like to get behind the wheels of a Ford Fusion or a Chevy Impala. However, turning such a wish into a reality can be a tall order for most aficionados as the prices of brand new versions of these premium car models would be beyond of most. And this is where Liberty Auto Sales steps in as it is in a position to help out with fulfilling the dreams of car buffs at prices that does not burn a hole in their pockets. Liberty Auto has been handed out keys of almost all sought-after models of frontier automobile companies in USA including Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, GMC, and Dodge.

Liberty Auto Sales has been in business for over three decades and over the years, has entrenched its goodwill in the market for used cars. The company has been able to build its reputation by sourcing second-hand cars from reliable parties comprising individuals/institutions and supplying them to interested buyers at competitive rates. For instance, Liberty Auto is inventorying a fleet of cars most of which are available for taking away at throwaway prices. For instance, a 2010 model of Chevrolet Malibu with 4-speed automatic drive is available at $5,995. Then again, a 2011Chevy Impala with 4-speed automatic drive is up for grabs at $5,995. Surely, the 2005 Chevy Malibu with a ticker price of $3,995 is a steal.

Of course, there are near unlimited range of car models of different makes that you can browse online on or you can pay a visit to any of their 4 distinct sites in Houston. Visiting any of the Liberty Auto Sales’ locations is undoubtedly the best way to have a careful inspection of the automobiles on display. One can check out and establish for themselves if a particular model is in perfect driving condition and also whether the vehicle will remain in service for a few years. Presently, 3 models of Buick, 60 models of Chevrolet, 20 models of Dodge, 129 models of Ford, 5 models of GMC, and 1 model of Honda are being displayed for sale at Liberty’s online shop. Don’t forget to check out some prized models like the 2012 Dodge Ram, 2014 Chevrolet Camaro or the 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500.

The executives of this top notch car dealer in Houston will guide you at every step with regards to your selecting a model according to your tastes and preferences. At the same they’ll also help you out with completing the paperwork for financing a deal. Liberty Auto Sales is also into CSR in a big way as it supports social and community projects. The establishment participated in ‘The Play Different Project”-an initiative of WindSync, a music band.

About Liberty Auto Sales:

Liberty Auto Sales is a well-established used-car dealer based in Houston. The reputed dealer sells second-hand autos both from its online outlet and from its four different sites.

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