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LIF Presenting the New International Talent of Photography and Cinematography in the London Image Festival

LIF Presenting the New International Talent of Photography and Cinematography in the London Image Festival

23, August 2016: From the 7th of October to the 9th will be the much awaited London Image Festival, dedicated to the exploration of image, both still and moving. This year, the LIF will be exhibiting new international talent in both photography and cinematography. The core photography exhibition will be situated in Hoxton Arches with sidebars in several other locations around East London.

In 2016, much of LIF’s event space will spotlight the work of female photographers from around the world, enabling in-depth explorations and comparisons of their diverse perspectives and technical styles. Alongside this, we are proud to present highly-accomplished pieces from the finalists in the LIF Photography and Cinematography competitions.

The works showcased at LIF come from artists across the globe who nonetheless all share a common flair –they tell utterly compelling storieswith their lenses. Here are some of the photographers we look forward to platforming:

New Photography from Iran
Those of us in the UK are exposed to a steady trickle of news stories which compound stereotypes of life in Iran. However, some Iranian artists are keen to move beyond limited conceptions of their country. In 2016, LIF will host skilled photographers from Iran, the majority of whom are female. These artists bring with them energetic and striking visual perspectives and their vibrant images facilitate their insights into the everyday complexities of modern life in Iran.

Wynne Neilly
At LIF this year you’ll also have the chance to engage with the self-portrait project by well-known Canadian photographer, Wynne Neilly. This project documents Neilly’s transition from female to “male” through weekly photos. Utilizing personal portraits and original editorial work, he takes us through his developing identity and enables us to reflect on the multitude of means forshowing up gender in photography.

Jorge Amestar- the Crowd
Revelriesand shindigs will also be on view at LIF, thanks to the Spanish photographer, Jorge Amestar. He will be portraying the high party peaks in addition to the occasional waking nightmares after the ball is over. His raw, surreal photographscapture the energy and madness flowingthough the contemporary festival culture in Western Europe.

Dutch Street Photography
LIF will also showcasing the Street Photography of the Dutch wife and husband team, Sandra and Willem Jonkers. The streets of Rotterdam are lovingly and cleverly seized by this duo of talented photographers.

Georgina WillisAlongside all of the above, LIF is proud to exhibita recent, Helsinki-based project from Georgina Willis, the internationally-recognized Australian photographer/cinematographer whose film Watermark was selected for Cannes.

London Image Festival 7th -9th October
Open daily 11am-7pm
Hoxton Arches
402 Cremer St, E2 8HD
Tickets £6.00

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