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Lightgrid: Innovation In The World Of Automation

Lightgrid: Innovation In The World Of Automation

Want to renovate your home? Want to build the house of your dreams? Want to have your own movie room? LightGrid Automation is there to help. LightGrid Automation helps you to install and upgrade amazing automation and entertainment systems. A new level of light control has been achieved with the help of LightGrid. Their products include temperature controllers, sensors and a dynamic keypad. This helps in great energy savings and it is easier to install too.

LightGrid offers the most improved and the latest electricity management and light control system accessible. It controls daylight and electric light, and saves a lot of energy and money. Smart energy management strategy helps in saving up to 70% energy.

LightGrid specialises in building full automation systems for commercial and residential buildings. Their high end products are apt for residential buildings, corporate buildings and hospital buildings. Their system can control and conduct the HVAC systems, motors, pumps, and co-ordinate with security systems and audio-visual accessories.

There are some energy management strategies that they follow. Those are discussed below.

Automated load-shedding can be switched on, if there is some problem in the power supply, or the system is overloaded. Only the overloaded phases are load-shed in this process. Phase balance is maintained by this.

Correct scheduling can save up to 15% energy. The system by LightGrid is made in such a way, that it knows the accurate time of sunrise and sunset. Astronomical calculations can be applied by this system. This has made the power saving easy. You can set the time of the light to switch on at the time of sunset. In the same way, under floor heating, pool heaters and pumps, can be set to work only at the time you need them.

Light control is important, if you want to cut down your electricity bill. It saves a lot of power. Light can be set to dim mode by using the latest light control technology of LightGrid.

LightGrid grants remote access to its systems. This can be accessed by any android or IOS device. This makes it convenient to use.

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About LightGrid

LightGrid is already a popular name in the field of home automation. They work with experienced interior designers, architects and M+E consultants. Their perfect composition of entertainment and automation will help you fulfil your vision. They work mainly with boat builders and estate developers. Their brilliant system and latest technology will definitely raise the market value and accelerate the sale process of your property. You will have no regret if you take their service.

Contact Us:

14 Belair Drive, Constantia

7860, Cape Town

+27 87 150 7179

+27 82 043 3977 – Francois (Cape Town)

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