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Lily Loraley Offers Boho Chic in First Online Shop: Playa Payaya

Lily Loraley Offers Boho Chic in First Online Shop: Playa Payaya

Last November Lily Loraley launched Playa Payaya, an online boho shop that brings sunshine, joy, and all things boho. The product range includes boho fashion, gemstone jewellery, dream catchers, crystals, metallic tattoos and meditation supply. The brand stands for freedom, summer, happiness and the overall bohemian style.

London, United Kingdom, January 28, 2015 — If it were a true beach, Playa Payaya would be filled with warm sunshine, happy colours and modern bohemian nomads with free souls and spirits. While one can’t travel to this dream beach, Lily Loraley can deliver the boho world to its customers from their Playa Payaya, which is the company’s first online shop.

Launched last November, Playa Payaya is the place to find everything a boho heart might want, from clothing like harem trousers and soft yoga tops to unique treasures sourced from around the world. Embracing the free-spirited positivity and happiness of the bohemian lifestyle, Playa Payaya also specialises in boho fashion jewellery and delicate gemstone jewellery, designed to complement eclectic wardrobes and allow free spirits to shine.

“The brand is quite playful and symbolises freedom, joy, individualism, an endless summer and the overall modern boho chic style,” says Nadine, a company director. “Many of the pieces we offer are handmade by independent crafts people and jewellery designers. We have scouted the world to provide our customers with one-of-a-kind clothing and jewellery.”

Playa Payaya also features temporary tattoos, whimsical hair flowers and dream catchers. Everything in the online shop is carefully chosen to offer a little happiness and enrichment for mind and spirit.

“We hope to provide the products and fashion for our customers to live the life they love,” says Nadine. “All they need to do is provide that passion for life. Be creative. Be confident. Be adventurous and just a bit crazy.”

Lily Loraley Ltd is a privately held company that engages in online fashion, accessories and jewellery retail. Playa Payaya is based in London and ships to the U.K. and Europe.

Lily Loraley
Lower Ground Floor
145-157 St John Street
London, UK, EC1V 4PW
203 1319 345

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