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LINC Project Brings an Innovative IT Approach to New York City

LINC Project Brings an Innovative IT Approach to New York City

28, November 2016: LINC Project is an IT service provider based in New York City. Over the last 10 years, the company has seen growth in the importance of computing in business. Now, it points out, IT is the backbone of almost every business in the country.

The purpose of LINC Project is to provide support to businesses in this ever-changing environment. The company isn’t interested in quick fixes. It prides itself on providing clients with IT solutions that are sustainable over the long haul. The idea is to provide businesses and their staff with the freedom to carry out operations, without any technical constraints.

How LINC Project Operates

LINC Project splits up its process for working with clients into four distinct stages. When the company goes to work with a business, they first concentrate on understanding the needs of the firm. They build up a picture of how a business’s systems currently work, and how staff use them. They then focus on the strategy of the business. The idea here is to work out which IT solutions will actually benefit the client in the long run and help it to achieve its goals. The third step is execution where the company puts systems together and tests their reliability and stability. Finally, the company relies on what it calls “insight.” This means monitoring a business’s systems to make sure that they are running as intended.

Other Services Offered By Link

Not all businesses are in need of a ground-up revision of their IT systems. As a result, LINC Project offers a range of other services. Take malware protection, for instance. One of the biggest challenges for businesses this year has been to combat the rise of malware and viruses. Business security and customer privacy are constantly under threat. LINC Project helps companies keep their systems clean and secure against common online threats.

The company also recognizes that keeping data safe is a significant concern for many businesses. In response, it has started offering backup solutions, so firms don’t have to worry about employees spilling coffee all over their laptops.

Alongside malware defense and backup solutions, LINC helps organizations optimize operating systems, set up printers and troubleshoot network connectivity.

LINC’s Values

LINC is a company that is dedicated to its founding principles. One of those principles is to treat all its clients the same, no matter what their size. LINC promises to give small companies the same IT support across-the-board. According to the company, it never implements “quick fix; half-time jobs.”

What Customers Say

Customers report that LINC Project provided them with the reliable services they needed. According to one customer, the company solved a technical problem through sheer perseverance. Another long-term client said that the firm had helped his business become more innovative and technological.

Now LINC Project has a dedicated group of customers, the company is working hard to bring its innovative approach to more businesses. The company wants to improve standards in the IT support industry and find new ways to give customers what they want. Time will tell if its new approach will be successful.

For Media Contact:
LINC Project
Address: 205 East 42nd St.
New York, NY 10017
Telephone: 646-494-4535

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