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London Has Fallen Makes Indie Rock Heavy Again

London Has Fallen Makes Indie Rock Heavy Again

London Has Fallen joins Independent Ear Records, reissues their hit album “Fracture” and gears up to release their fourth studio album.

Rockford, IL, March 30, 2015 — Indie duo London Has Fallen fights to rekindle the heart-slamming heaviness of yesteryear’s indie rock.

“Musicians should only focus on making music that makes you feel, feel right through your chest and into your gut,” says Cameron Gorham, co-founding member of London Has Fallen.

Citing such diverse influences as Nine Inch Nails and The Cure, London Has Fallen (LHF) rejects the idea that “indie rock” today is all soft handclaps and banjos. From Peoria, Illinois, LHF brings a heaviness to indie music that harkens back to 90’s Grunge and 2000’s Emo.

“It’s hard to buck trends. I want to be a successful band, but I just can’t play what everyone else is playing and simply dress it up as me. Even if it’s not what’s musically ‘trending’ right now, I want to channel the music I grew up with. I just love rock and roll too much to even consider playing anything else,” says Alecia Gates, LHF co-founder.

Now this stand-your-ground band has joined a stand-alone record label. London Has Fallen is the newest member of burgeoning Rockford, Illinois record label Independent Ear Records and, with this partnership, London Has Fallen heads into the studio to record their fourth full length album.

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