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London Startup Offers Property Management Services To Airbnb Hosts

London Startup Offers Property Management Services To Airbnb Hosts

London, United Kingdom; 09, February 2016: The holiday lettings industry has exploded in recent years! Many people that seek the comforts of home on holiday opt for self-catering accommodation.

Such places offer an attractive proposition to holidaymakers for various reasons. For example, they are more cost-effective than hotel accommodation. And they give people a “home away from home” experience they long for.

Websites such as Airbnb help travellers to enjoy their holidays. Property owners have reported a rise in the number of people renting their places. But, one bugbear for many property owners is the lack of time. Managing such properties can take up a lot of resources. This is especially so where property owners have a large portfolio to manage.

The good news is that AirbnbEazy takes the hassle and stress out of managing holiday homes in London.

A fully managed, end-to-end solution

AirbnbEazy aims to make it easy for London holiday home owners to manage their portfolio. The provider offers a raft of property owner and guest services. This results in property owners having an almost passive income!

Their team is on hand to offer guest key delivery and collection. But, AirbnbEazy can help even before that stage!

For instance, the provider offers a guest screening service. This ensures that only the right kinds of guests stay at one’s property. The result is minimal risk of property damage or other issues happening during each stay.

During the handover stages, AirbnbEazy can arrange for professional cleaning of one’s property. That means all guests can enjoy staying in a clean and fresh house or apartment.

Tailored solutions to meet each property owner’s needs

AirbnbEazy recognises that each client will have varying requirements. It’s for that reason that they offer flexible, tailored solutions. For instance, some property owners ask AirbnbEazy to manage their listings and bookings.

Others request the provider to re-stock their properties with everyday essentials for each guest. It’s also possible for AirbnbEazy to provide a wash sheet and towel service for guests. Many property owners feel that their guests should have a comfortable experience.

There will be times where guests may have queries relating to their stay. AirbnbEazy can offer a guest liaison service. This means they can offer a fully-managed end-to-end solution for their clients.

No lengthy contracts

One unique selling point of AirbnbEazy is the fact there is no lengthy contract to sign. Clients can use their service on an ad-hoc basis if they wish.

About AirbnbEazy:

A professional end-to-end solution provider for owners of holiday properties in London. AirbnbEazy offers bespoke holiday home management services to clients across the city.

They can offer a simple guest key delivery and collection service. Or they can provide a full management portfolio comprising including cleaning services. AirbnbEazy’s aim is to make life stress-free and simple for holiday home owners.

For Media Contact:
Mr A. Mahony
Kemp House, 152-160 City Road,
London, EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)208 1238939
Email: admin@airbnbeazy.com
Website: http://airbnbeazy.com

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