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Long Beach Healer And Psychic Medium Looks To Open Spirit Center

Long Beach Healer And Psychic Medium Looks To Open Spirit Center


Long Beach, CA – Long Beach psychic medium and spiritual counselor Charlene Murphy has officially announced a crowdfunding initiative for her innovative spirit center, Purple Buddha. The center, which will be open to all ages and lifestyles, aspires to be a “gathering place of evolving consciousness and infinite possibilities where love and healing happen.”

“My joy is helping people realize their inherent, creative brilliance by waking them up to their intuitive gifts,” Murphy said. “In the four years of my private practice, which I ran from the comfort of my living room, I have helped hundreds of people make tremendous shifts in their lives.”

After seeing the immeasurable capabilities and successes of her clients, Murphy felt called to expand her practice, include significantly more people, and offer a variety of affordable group classes for children and adults, in-person and via online streaming.

Purple Buddha adult classes and discussions will cover energy healing, mediation practices, life visioning, psychic development, group readings, spirit business building, and book study groups. As a mother and former schoolteacher, Murphy is excited to offer class options for kids as well, enabling them to ground and heal themselves. Classes for children will include yoga, meditation, psychic development and energy healing.

With her sights set on a charming building in Bixby Knolls conveniently close to the 405, Murphy decided to fundraise through IndieGoGo. She believes crowd support will foster a greater sense of community, allowing her to make a larger impact not only on the Long Beach area, but also the world.

Contribution levels range from $5-$5,000 with a multitude of benefits at each level, from symbolic purple Buddha figurines to free classes and workshops to private sessions. Murphy’s goal is to raise $13,330 and if exceeded, she will add a retail shop offering products to enhance psychic and spiritual growth and development.

For questions, more information on Murphy and her services, and interview requests visit , for more information on the IndieGoGo campaign or to make a contribution, visit

Contact: Charlene Murphy
Phone: (562) 458-3677

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