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Low Cost Seo: Sydney’s Leading Seo Services Provider Announces Competitive Optimisation Packages

Low Cost Seo: Sydney’s Leading Seo Services Provider Announces Competitive Optimisation Packages

Drummoyne, Australia, 04, November 2016: Low Cost SEO is a premier digital services provider. The Sydney firm offers an array of search engine optimisation services throughout the country.

At present, there are just over one billion live websites across the web. Businesses and organisations in Australia will often have to compete with many of them! Low Cost SEO (LCS) makes it easy for Australians to optimise their sites. The company offers a range of cheap SEO packages that do not compromise on quality.

Website optimisation in four easy steps

A benefit of using LCS for search engine optimisation is how the process gets carried out in just four steps! They can be summarised as follows:

Step 1: Site Review

LCS will check the structure of any given website and recommend any improvements to make. A site’s structure is a fundamental building block to SEO success.

Step 2: Target Market

The next stage is to focus the website on a particular target audience. One of the reasons some sites have low conversions is due to a lack of focus. As with any form of marketing, it’s crucial to determine the right target market from the outset. Doing so means a significantly increased chance of conversions.

Step 3: Competitor Analysis

Once a target audience is identified, LCS will help site owners to learn more about their market. The typical way to do that is by analysing competing websites! It’s a real method of finding out what draws people to any given industry or sector.

Step 4: SEO Strategy Formulation

Last, but not least, LCS will work with their clients to develop a sound SEO strategy for their sites. There is no blanket solution out there as each website will have differing needs. LCS ensures that each client follows a plan tailored to their exact requirements.

Three affordable low-cost SEO packages

LCS is able to offer a full suite of SEO services at competitive prices. The advantage of their fixed-price packages is that clients know what they’re getting. There is no area of doubt when it comes to pricing. Or worries that prices may increase; everything gets outlined upfront!

The low-cost SEO packages are as follows:

Economy – $580/month (10 keyword terms)

A basic package for sites such as blogs or startup businesses. Key features include keyword research and analysis and on-site SEO. Support gets provided to clients via email.

Deluxe – $695/month (15 keyword terms)

In addition to the features offered in the Economy package, the Deluxe one provides a range of extras. Highlights include target market analysis and basic social media optimisation (SMO). Clients can also obtain support from LCS via instant messaging. The Deluxe package is ideal for small businesses

Ultimate – $895/month (20 keyword terms)

The full suite of SEO services falls under the Ultimate package. Added extras included as standard include full SEO and SMO optimisation. Plus, website host optimisation ensures the server delivers content to browsers fast. Telephone support gets included in the price for the Ultimate package.

About Low Cost SEO:

LCS is an affordable provider of SEO services in Sydney, Australia. Backed by a skilled global team of experts, they can offer a premium service at competitive rates. They provide a reliable 24/7 service that delivers results fast.

For Media Contact:
Low Cost SEO Plans
87 Thompson Street,
Drummoyne, NSW, 2047, Australia
Tel: +61 (0)4 3145 9847

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