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LUX APART Now Makes it Possible to Book Accommodation and Rent Car Together

LUX APART Now Makes it Possible to Book Accommodation and Rent Car Together


Company: LUX APART

Address: Nýbýlavegur 18, 200 Kópavogur, Iceland


Contact Person: Lilja Valthorsdottir

Phone: +354 778 7444


LUX APART Now Makes it Possible to Book Accommodation and Rent Car Together

LUX APART is the newest provider of quality, luxury guesthouse in Iceland. They are a company that is designed to ensure that guests will have comfortable stay in Iceland through their 8 luxurious studio-type apartment located conveniently near downtown Reykjavik and the Keflavik International Airport. But this is only the tip of the iceberg since they now made it possible to book for accommodation in Iceland online as well as rent a car at the same time.

These are two of the newest changes to the services provided by LUX APART’s luxury apartments. LUX APART has always been designed so that travelers looking for apartments that can bring them both comfort and luxury can have what they need. It does not matter whether what travelers are traveling for whether it is for business or leisure, LUX APART always ensure that guests can have the utmost comfort when it comes to their Reykjavik apartments.

They take time and effort to provide the most relaxing accommodation and amenities that each guest will need to make the most of their stay in Iceland. Some of these amenities include private bathroom equipped with rain shower, kitchenette, free Wi-Fi, smart TV, work stations, dining tables, sofa beds, and all other things that a comfortable apartment would have.

What is even better when guest’s book a guest house in Iceland from LUX APART is that they will be within walking distance from where they can find a great selection of establishments including restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, pharmacies, even hairdressers. Finding transportation is also relatively easy. It makes LUX APART’s luxury apartments really convenient for travelers.

Now that it is possible to book for accommodations online, visitors of the country from abroad can book their stay ahead. All they simply have to do is visit LUX APART’s website and from there indicate the necessary details needed for their stay. At the same time, if they want they can also rent a car together with their booking to get them from the airport and bring them to the apartment. This way, they can have utmost comfort while they stay at LUX APART’s Reykjavik apartments.

LUX APART is relatively new in providing accommodation since they have only recently opened. However, they resolved to provide their guests with the best accommodation in Iceland reflecting just what luxury means for them and what they believe that guests should deserve.


To know more about LUX APART, please visit For inquiries, please call us at +354 778 7444 or email at

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