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M Models and Talent Agency Reviews On There Recent Projects Their Models and Actors Have Landed – August News Letter

M Models and Talent Agency Reviews On There Recent Projects Their Models and Actors Have Landed – August News Letter

M Models is a Toronto based agency that releases all the information about different TV shows, Print Ad’s and Commercials there models and actors have landed on their blog. To review recent updates please visit

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, August 05, 2015 — Entertainment world has been witnessing new talent on a regular basis that keeps the viewers excited on the latest happenings in various shows. People around the Toronto like to stay aware of the new shows and commercials that that are being aired on the television with Canadian models and actors. One of those blogs that has been created to keep people informed about commercials and television projects done by models and talents from M Models.

The website comes up with interesting updates about the new shows that are being launched and new actors that are getting a chance to work in these shows. This website is not only limited to TV shows as they also provide information on advertisements and commercials done by canadian talent from their agency. The recent project being talked upon is a TV series named Damien. This series is aired on A&E and a new actor named Bakir M who has landed a role in this show. This is a horror series that is mainly centered on the movie “The Omen” and it mainly discusses the life story of an antichrist boy named Damien, along with the television series the blog also discusses the new project of a print and TV ad where a Canadian based actor named Lee T has got a chance to act for the commercial of a famous Canadian clothing company Lee T will be acting in the commercial of the company named Marks’ that has been selling clothing all around Canada for ages. This gives Lee a chance to get a breakthrough in the world of television. Lee also landed a print ad for West Jet. Getting an idea about the advertisements between shows and sports tournaments is never easy. There are advertisements that excite people but there is rarely any information about the actors that play a part in these advertisements. Even movie directors like to search for the actors present in these advertisements.

There are huge amount of actors that get exposure through advertisements and it helps them to get a breakthrough for movies. Platforms like  M Models post the names of the new actors and their role in these advertisements to keep people aware in the world of television. It not only includes information about adult models and actors as it also focuses on the talented kids that play roles in different ads. One of those child artists whose recent projects is being aired on CTV national news is Lea J. This national news channel mainly airs in Canada at 11.00 pm local time. One can also subscribe with this blog to get regular updates on the latest happenings in the world of advertisements and TV shows.

Some of the latest updates from the M Models is the project that Dhan N. and Andrew D. got. In their new project they get to work with Blue Jays a Toronto based baseball team. A project like this can be life changing for new models as they get nice screen exposure and huge amount of people get to see them through the advertisements. Then there is also the music video where Maxim M.,Christopher C., Aaron N. and Micheal B have got a chance to work in a project with Future. The music video is called  Where Ya At Featuring Drake.

Visitors also have the option to view the profiles of different actors and get to know more about them. The profile speaks about their experience and it is especially aimed at directors looking for new talent. Subscribing with the blog gives the visitors an option to stay updated with the new information being added on the website. If there is any advertisement or a new music video that people have liked and want to know more about the actors that have worked in them then they can look up in the blog to get all the information. For more updates please visit our website

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