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Macrocosm Ultra Digital: Your Digital Marketing Partner

Macrocosm Ultra Digital: Your Digital Marketing Partner

Macrocosm Ultra Digital Pty Ltd is a leading internet marketing company based in Cape Town, South Africa. They are specialised in search engine optimisation, social media marketing, pay per click marketing, link building and all other internet marketing. Their digital marketing services generate qualified traffic and lead for your business.

Things that may interest you about Macrocosm:

Digital M Theory:
The Digital M-Theory is the process by which they use digital tools to create real world customers. This theory includes the correct domain name registration, organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), written and visual content creation etc.  This digital marketing agency also works as a social media consultant.

Communication Language:
The staff of this digital marketing company speaks to their clients in English that is easy to understand; there is no use of technical or professional language.

Easy digital marketing strategy:
Digital marketing is a term that often confuses business owners and sometimes scares them. But, Macrocosm has changed this by demystifying digital marketing with frank realities and authentic advice. Its White Hat internet strategy makes it unique from the others.

Lead Management System: Ultra Service
Macrocosm has a section named M-People Management section of their website. According to the company’s term, this is called M-zone. By logging in here, the clients can see all the details about digital experience, from administrative and accounting documents, prompts and alerts for different contractual and project timeline needs to watching the daily progress of your projects. The clients are able to upload text, picture or video content for web or social media projects. This is the ‘ultra service’ provided by Macrocosm.

To know more, you can simply visit their website at

About the company:
Macrocosm Ultra Digital is a unique digital communication agency that provides custom solutions for their clients. Some of its important services are to design and promote websites, process flow management system and bulk email campaigns. The company has a simple strategy. In order to provide customer satisfaction, it creates an umbrella effect with all the web tools available and the social media platforms. This helps to control acute and devoted traffic to the site. This SEO Company from Cape Town believes that they have to stick firmly to their position of goodwill and customer-friendliness when they are doing online marketing. Apart from other SEO strategies, their chat box system offers some features that include client relationship management system. This system demographically logs all data from chat and identifies the client in future web dealings.

Raats Drive, Tableview
Cape Town 7441
Tel: 021 556 4842

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